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  1. Spectral

    Well said Kenny. +1 Takes nerve to speak up. Takes discipline and nerve to deliver the things you speak of. I am sure with hard work Cop will be a better place.
  2. Seems like 10 years ago. I met a hooligan Pirate King through this and along the way a lot of fun was had I think. I remember seeing [SP], the originals, surrendering on the side of the road and thought, here comes some good times ahead. Who would give away a million in gold back then? Well, they did. Back then it's was The 25, and Sammy, Lannibal Hectors mine as well :-). I appreciatte the fact that people may still enjoy these, and for those going in fresh to them they can be a lot of fun. $100 million... @Tiggati would of spat Mountain Dew on his keyboard... I was on a tight budget back then!!
  3. Spectral

    I guess Community is 5 Streams running into one River, for the enjoyment of everyone. And if one is hurting, the others all step in and have them sorted. And that when it overflows, in runs into the other Rivers. TL:DR supporting the Community, as a whole, is never a bad thing. Edit : Wasnt sure about the 5, was 5 back in the day, and wasnt happy about the height of the font.
  4. Spectral

    Its up to Round 7, I think.
  5. Oh snap. I was sure @Rhys Beckett driving his truck into the compound had stopped them, but time is like an ocean.... @TrueBlue as Kyle Reese, pretty entertaining. I was in my prime then, lol. I always regret not killing The Pale Rider. I will just never get that ticked off...
  6. Spectral

    Back and forth, but cheers I didn't really see the point to the comment, at all. This sort of thing is why I don't post, I am catching up with old mates in a thread and massive derail. Thanks for the hides @Leopard
  7. Spectral

    Attaboy, lol, SRT through and through. -Spec
  8. Spectral

    Constantly entertaining , [SP]. -Spec
  9. Spectral

    10/10 would watch Stolen Boats blow up stuff again.
  10. Spectral

    Some minor issues @Jay Let's keep it on track, @nclem Is entitled to an opinion and your both Cops so let's not blow up, and has nothing to do with any rule drafting. @Porter Try to keep on topic, if we can, I am not a Cop, or a Rebel, I don't even play any more. At this stage it's all gathering Intel so we don't descend to it being unfair or loose in the way people just roam stomping others with no accountability, structure or ramifications. Its an open forum, for everyone, it's ok if people have different views, that's what makes its diverse and fun to play.
  11. Spectral

    110% Zach Smith, set in stone not "we thought we could so we did", and lots of good talk about it going on. If we can talk about do it can get written, and all are happy it makes the gameplay easier, less HD, less salty or frustrated players. Win - Win, and so far the fact it's all positive, upbeat, constructive stuff makes me pretty happy. Good job guys. Proud of you. -Spectral
  12. Spectral

    This, THIS is what I am looking for, good post @Yuri, keen to read more of your thoughts tonight. This follows the topic and expands on it in a productive way, I was going to dip into walks/impounding in a seperate/later post in this topic but good stuff someone's thinking like I am. I want it fair, easy, and enforceable. Fair for all. Love the post, keep it up, this is the thinking I want from Moderators.
  13. Spectral

    That's all up to your CoC, just looking to stay on topic, maybe no change is required but there is no downside to discussion. I would ask @Zomboid and @That Lucky SOB for clarity, in TS, not here. It is there call, I am not a Cop. If your not giving out gear that's the call that's been made, and that's fine, as long as everyone is following what they have in place and the delivery is uniform by all at all Banks. I don't have an opinion either way and it's not valid even if I did to Police policy. Just looking for feedback and clarity, fine tuning as we move forward some of the Rules.
  14. Spectral

    With 17 guys on SRT Roster now an increase of 8, all have access to everything in the game (or should). If Helicopters get shot down that's pilot error, close overhead scouting of the bank is a drones job, helicopter should be looking for vehicles at known snipers spots, then if found, tracking the snipers from the vehicles. When I see Helicopters sitting over bank or landing on it I just shake my head. The actual Bank is enclosed by cover if they use it, back street, demolished buildings, shooting from Church, LoS exists from Favela to Bank. All of this is tactics though, not manpower which is incidental to guns, if they hold high ground and communicate either side will win 8/10 regardless of firepower.