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    1. Cap

      @War Machineyou know there are ways to share the game to other accounts so you don't have to pay for a new copy of arma 3? Also there can be a lot of cancerous people (and even a few pedos) playing arma so it's probably not the best to let her play, also don't let her anywhere near Altis Life.
    2. Cap

      Tbh they need to bring back syd bank or neri bank.
    3. Cap

      Tbh the KOS around heroin proc ruins cartel role play (something that I think needs to have a greater emphasis on)
    4. Cap

      @Sir Harry Nah mate, happens to most, I've seen it happen to my friends before and back when I use to be a cop.
    5. Cap

      When ever I try to do lawyer roleplay the cops always get really hostile and uncooperative and try to do everything in there power to stop me representing my client...
    6. Cap

      Does it prevent you setting the rotors in the up right position for take off? Also while we are talking about airports can we get a few more air garages at the other airports?
    7. Cap

      A second thing which I just thought of would be to legalise everything you can buy from contractor base (khaki weapons) as long as it is kept outside the city limits and they have a gun licence as well. Back when @Wex was the commissioner he did this and in my view it worked well and went a long way to deter rebels from robbing civs, hopefully it would work again.
    8. Cap

      @Martynnnnnnn I initially tried that but to no avail.
    9. Cap

      Well the first step in my view would be removing the air drop spawn at copper/iron trader. Secondly if we can get the cops to actually escort people and guard these places that would also eliminate the threat, unfortunately when I have tried to get a escort the cops refuse.
    10. Cap

      What are everyones thoughts on bringing back Uranium as something else to run?
    11. They can have any of the variants of the nynx, just not with ammo.
    12. Aren't there two boat shop menus there? One for cops and one for EMS
    13. Cap

      Fishing proficiency

      Fishing proficiency appears to be ****ed, you level up from doing it but don't get any reward. Also I am referring to spear fishing and not boat with a net fishing.
    14. Blackfish radar won't turn on, possibly the new mag repack shit is interfering
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