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  1. Cap

  2. Declaration of Application: - By placing this Application you are not guaranteed placement in the APD. Your Application for Full Time Enlistment into the APD may be Denied if your answers do not meet the minimum word limit, you lie in your answers, have an unsatisfactory history of Server Rule Breaches or fail to agree and acknowledge all statements and declarations in this Application. You Application may also be Denied after an Interview with a member of the Academy Staff. Other testing my be required due to preset standards and results in these could lead to your application being Denied. Cabinet withhold the right veto any application at any stage of enlistment. If you application is Denied a time frame will be placed after which you may reapply. After this reapply period has ended you may use your previous application, unless told otherwise. Acknowledgement of Declaration: (Yes/No) Basics: - Name: Cap TeamSpeak Name: Cap Age: Decline to state, wasn't a issue last time when I put this. Hours Played as Pub Slot before placing this application (minimum 15 Hours): Impossible to know because the bot glitches but I believe it is over 15 Hours on Arma 3: 2133 Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198287792370 Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cap556/ Recommendation: - You must have two referrals from a Senior Constable or above. If you do not supply two referrals and they cannot be confirmed your application will be denied. (@their name) Referral One: @Jot Referral Two: @Ash Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): @Jot Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department (100 words minimum)?: I want to join the Altis Police Department again because A. It has been over a year since I was a cop and I want to get back into it having started playing again. B I have been in numerous contracting groups in the past (SIS currently, BRF, QWERTY being notable ones from the past just to name a few) which is similar to being a cop but different as you have less ability. C. Because I want to be able to go and help stop all of the crime that I constantly see while I play on the server. If you are successful; where do you see yourself in 3 months in the APD (50 words minimum)?: I see myself hopefully as being at least a Senior Constable again with the prospect of moving up, I also hope to join academy and become a senior Polair trainer and complete my level 3 whitelisting meaning that I am able to do tests for other people to become Polair trained. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department (50 words minimum)?: I believe that I can bring my former knowledge of the server and cop to the Altis Police Department as well as a desire to do well and be a constructive member of the APD. I am also willing to do polair training's assuming that I am actually able to get a position within the academy. Do you have any experience as a Police Officers from other servers?: None from other servers, only Straya. Other than Police, what previous role play scenarios have you been a part of on Straya-Gaming?: Medic: SRP, Cop: Senior Constable, Multiple contracting groups (to many to name but they range from Management to general member). How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: Few hours a night. Have you ever been banned, kicked or watchlisted from Altis Life at any stage? If so when and why: To the best of my knowledge no. Conclusion: - Have you read and understood the Altis Life Server Rules?: Yes Have you read and understood the Altis Police Department Protocols?: Yes By submitting this application you agree to the limitations of being a Probationary Constable that is set above: Yes Do you acknowledge that by partaking in illegal or 'Rebel' activities you do not have the right to apply for Police Divisions within the APD such as S.R.T, Criminal Investigations Unit or be promoted past Senior Sergeant: Yes ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  3. I could have gone on floating through space forever.
  4. Cap

    "AREA 51"
  5. Cap

    "Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus"
  6. Can we also get .45 suppressors as well? Kinda annoying only having 9mm.
  7. Cap

    It's sad to see you go, you've helped me as my manager in the past and I will always be grateful for that. Good Luck in the future M9.
  8. Let Me Out!!!, no seriously lemme out, Joshua and Slep are working me to death down here.
  9. Cap

    - Sheldon from jc3
  10. Cap

    From memory connor said that was the reason they didn't allow corpse looting, he said he was able to patch the dupe or something.
  11. I remember connor use to do this, I use to go ask him for one if I was going overseas, no clue if anyone does it anymore though, probably a @Mitch thing or possibly lead staff.
  12. Cap

    Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness
  13. Cap

    You were one of the best community team members we have had fusionable and you hosted some good events, you will be missed.
  14. Cap

    @War Machineyou know there are ways to share the game to other accounts so you don't have to pay for a new copy of arma 3? Also there can be a lot of cancerous people (and even a few pedos) playing arma so it's probably not the best to let her play, also don't let her anywhere near Altis Life.