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    1. I could have gone on floating through space forever.
    2. Cap

      "AREA 51"
    3. Cap

      "Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus"
    4. Can we also get .45 suppressors as well? Kinda annoying only having 9mm.
    5. Cap

      It's sad to see you go, you've helped me as my manager in the past and I will always be grateful for that. Good Luck in the future M9.
    6. Let Me Out!!!, no seriously lemme out, Joshua and Slep are working me to death down here.
    7. Cap

      - Sheldon from jc3
    8. Cap

      From memory connor said that was the reason they didn't allow corpse looting, he said he was able to patch the dupe or something.
    9. I remember connor use to do this, I use to go ask him for one if I was going overseas, no clue if anyone does it anymore though, probably a @Mitch thing or possibly lead staff.
    10. Cap

      Remember, efficiency is just clever laziness
    11. Cap

      You were one of the best community team members we have had fusionable and you hosted some good events, you will be missed.
    12. Cap

      @War Machineyou know there are ways to share the game to other accounts so you don't have to pay for a new copy of arma 3? Also there can be a lot of cancerous people (and even a few pedos) playing arma so it's probably not the best to let her play, also don't let her anywhere near Altis Life.
    13. Cap

      Tbh they need to bring back syd bank or neri bank.
    14. Cap

      Tbh the KOS around heroin proc ruins cartel role play (something that I think needs to have a greater emphasis on)
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