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  1. Cringe

    "AREA 51"
  2. Cringe

    Ye I hope it 'Doses' up again
  3. Cringe

    There are more than enough atms on the map if they were to add atms to every store they would need to add store occupied markers to them all otherwise you would never take a risk having a decent to large sum of cash on you.
  4. Cringe

    @Nunny have you decided to not add tokens for AI kills or you gonna give it a trial at some point?
  5. Cringe

    I dont wanna destroy your post just dont understand how you thought Pantha of all people was cheating. Sure there could be some player balancing issues however Straya Wasteland has turned into more of an Independent fest than it once was and you will never be able to tame a well oiled veteran based indi squad
  6. Cringe

    Who is this directed at
  7. Cringe

    Ye @oPanthastop hacking br0 you too @CringeSMH MY FRICKING HEAD
  8. Cringe

    @Nunny How do I enter again ? I forgot Got it Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus
  9. Reintroduce burying of dead enemies - 2k was a fair price Gen & Gun store in central Move carrier closer to landmass so it can be attacked via launcher to stop Tigris spammers Fix the issue regarding weapons bugging out on death being irretrievable for the player who died Killfarm heli spawn location needs fixing Remove some of the useless headgear in gen store no one buys them just makes me need to scroll further for a pilot helm Bobcats free rearm again - 90k price tag Mortars reintroduced Vehicle storage cool down so sandstorms can be stored just not immediately pointless having them so expensive if you cant store them. Night vision on the Verona and AA Launcher idc about compact Verona spamming is much nicer Remove the water @Nunny More staff that can run events and stuffs