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    1. Truma

      Ingame Name - iwant2015/16strayaback Hours on Arma3 - played every hour of 2015-2016  Age - 15-16 Short description on your play style - I play like 2015-2016 straya gaming when it was the best when you could do anything, i loved 2015-2016 straya gaming, i just want it back man.
    2. Truma

    3. Truma

      actually a good idea lmfao but just a HD shit fest waiting to happen
    4. Truma

      I'll be NOSing into cops claiming it's faulty all night
    5. Truma

      What is this role play you speak of
    6. Truma

      I understand brotherrr, hope all is good irl, after all this is only a game, cya in December mate
    7. Truma

      'Bro **** straya lets rdm and get comm banned!' month or two later 'Bro sorry didnt mean it unban me', has anyone else noticed this cycle?
    8. Truma

      I miss doing GD with you @JdawgZ
    9. Truma

      you'd know if you killed zarco, he'd leave the community again
    10. Truma

      I don't believe it for a second who the **** are you trying to fool?
    11. Truma

      Welcome mate! Hope your fun still exists
    12. Truma

      poor police officer's
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