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    1. Truma

      Welcome mate! Hope your fun still exists
    2. Truma

      poor police officer's
    3. Truma

      boy if the shoe fits
    4. Truma

      Hey as long as you play the server and not FiveM you have my vote x
    5. Truma

      + MEME'S
    6. Truma

      2 months later
    7. Truma

      what is N
    8. Truma

      wtf is this water coming out of my eye
    9. Truma

      Yeah just ban the trolls it's easy, record, send it to mod, if they are strict on it they won't do it, I just miss driving them it was the only server that had them that I played and all the races that went down past peach fields we're lovely
    10. Hello gamer's, Since crafting is back (thanks), I have to ask, the price's of house's vary in sizes (500-750k for a small, like 2 mill for a double? Don't know the exact prices), yet the inventory sizes are the same, I was wondering if we could have more storage in the bigger houses as that makes more sense? Otherwise there's no point in spending more money on a bigger house whilst you can buy a cheaper smaller house that holds the exact same amount as Y inventory storage xx Also could the Go Karts PLEASE come back, I know a lot of players who have genuinely left the server (NSWP White Person) just because Go-karts were removed, people raced/RP'd at the go-kart track etc. -Houses have more storage the bigger/more expensive it is -Go-karts to make an appearance back to the server Cheers
    11. Truma

      Good work lads
    12. Truma

      it was their intentions to target a specific group of people that had a greater impact on the rest of the foreign/shitty net of Aussie players
    13. Truma

      Your cop force wanted this just to tackle maybe 2-3 members in AoW, didn't really think about the damage it'd have on other players on the server.
    14. Truma

    15. Truma

      this man really be dismounting with a mar 10
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