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    Cop Speed radar doesn't work. The box doesn't even show up
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  9. @2Square The purpose is to stop u standing right behind a Cop and then the second their back is turned, you shooting him and walking off like nothing happened, it just isn't fair on the Cops and it was getting abused. Like I said they should just be detaining you so you can't participate in the dec, and maybe ID checking you and then letting you go. If you know your gang is in a dec then it's probably not the best idea to just stand in the open. This is completely overlooking the fact that you can very very easily just be standing there giving call outs to your mates and getting the Cops destroyed. I do see where you are coming from, I have and do occasional play Civ, but think of it realistically, if you are the APD's most wanted man/woman then ur gang is defiantly known to Police. @Kronas_NZ01 It isn't a matter of the skill of the Officers, it's the fact that a large group isolate a small group (usually 2 cops in the one car) and shoot them out of the car the second they hop out. Some gangs just hide in buildings and ambush the one patrol unit once they are spike stripped, there really isn't any skill or lack there of involved.
  10. @2Square A lot of people have always and are yet again targeting Cops for their RP. I am not denying that there have been and I'm sure there will be in the future, issues of poor Cop RP (If this is the case please bring it to mine, or any other of the respective command team's attention). We are actively trying to weed out issues in this manner, but you have to be idiotic to deny the fact that Civs are equal guilty of this. If I had a dollar for every time I have experienced, or heard an Officer processing someone, when the Civ says that their face was burnt off, or they had acid spilled on their fingers, I would be a very rich man. Lets be clear here, it isn't an issue with them doing this, it becomes an issue when they turn around and say that their blood is made of mercury and make processing IMPOSSIBLY difficult (most of the time breaking RP). A lot of the suggestions and complaints are very skewed to one side, be it Cop, or Rebel, and a lot of you are making suggestions that will benefit an individual or a small ground rather than the greater majority of the community. It is not an easy thing, but when u complain and make suggestions you must try to look at it in the boots of the opposing faction. I have a few points to raise on this; Sorry and not meaning to be an ass hole but correct terms must be used. Metagame is any advantage obtained by out of game means, what u are referring to is Fail-RP Civ's can use these tags in dec so why can't we? This was put in place because gang's dec, hide their weapons, one shoots and the others just stand in the middle of the street waiting for a cops back to be turned when the Cop can in some cases, be fully aware of gang affiliation through legitimate RP, yet can do nothing about it. It got abused to a point where it was so bad that it was cancer to even be on GD. In saying this, you should not be getting arrested for pure gang affiliation alone. At most, unless seen committing a crime, you should be detained and possibly ID checked. To top this off, the reason you are getting arrested is because you know you have a warrant for your arrest and the Cop has found this out from your ID, yet u stand in the open during a dec and you expect nothing to happen? If you are in dec with another Civ gang you don't stand out in the open like a stunned mullet, you hide in houses and fight. If this rule is being abused and used in a manner that it shouldn't be, please bring it to either JdawgZ, Havoxa, Robert Losure, Jarrods Capulet's or my attention and I can assure you it will be dealt with if it is a legitimate breach. With this please remember the chain of command and don't bring it straight to JdawgZ or I, unless none of the others can be contacted. Sorry but if you are hiding in houses and under bridges and you have repeatedly killed the entire cop force, do you expect them to just go out in SUV's to be slaughtered? No, they are going to escalate. You have already beat them multiple times in unarmoured vehicles it's pointless and quite frankly retarded to think they are just going to repeatedly go out and loose their hard earned money, because I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but Cops have to pay for ALL of their gear. It's also not a 'few' Cops so don't go parading that around, it happens when you completely or are close too wiping the whole GD. Like I said above if this is being abused and used incorrectly and it is a legit breach bring it to one of the above listed GD Command Team members and I assure you it will be dealt with. With saying this, I'm sure they had their reasons, but bring back the Office building on Syd Bridge and maybe even the large construction building. As a cop going on GD it is fun and it creates long lasting battles between Civ's and Cop's and it's a lot easier to hold for both factions than the factory. Lastly if you do have any suggestions I am more than happy to discuss the ones involving GD and so is the rest of my Command Team.
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    1:05... 9.8 Touching off a robbery and running away for the benefit of baiting cops or annoying other players will be seen as Fail RP. ????????????????????????????????????????
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    We have and do encourage CO's to do this, and from time to time it does happen. The problem is usually there are not enough cops on to sustain both stations effectively. Ultimately it is at CO's digression if they want to do it or not, so if you feel that there is enough cops to cover Sydney adequately then feel free to ask if you can go CO the other station. Alternatively if you are CO you are more than able to authorise a bunch of Officers to head over to Brisbane or Melbourne, however make sure u have enough cops at BOTH stations or else it will fail and end up with everyone being slaughtered
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    + Fred to inductions list
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    + Fred to inductions list
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    Name: Critters Callsign: K11S Training Completed By:Tsunami List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Laugh, Juan, Owner, Shackas, Noaha, Parras Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min): I think I deserve a promotion because I want to be the active Sergeant that is always available to add peopel to wanted list, do trainings and be a role model whilst inspiring others to join/stick with the APD. I feel that if I am promoted to Sergeant, I will be able to undertake my new role and the responsibilities that come with it to a high standard. I have greatly enjoyed my time in the APD and I hope that I will be able to help others do the same. Who would recommend you for a promotion?: @FarmerGeorge98, @bodyboarder2528, @Nigel, @Zarco, @Mbolt5