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  1. Big Kev

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  3. Big Kev

    //Denied\\ You may reapply after the 20/02/2021
  4. Big Kev

    Invade & Annex Retirement Village 100203-big-kev
  5. Big Kev

    Sorry guys but i'm not doing a update this month.
  6. Could we add a bank in where you get the see the vid of smokey doing it on stream? +1 no communication skills from the staff team 80% of the time.
  7. Big Kev

    G E T A D E V
  8. Big Kev

    Thank you Johny for your suggestion myself and other members of cabinet will look into this idea over the on coming days.
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  11. Big Kev

    Bruh im just the guy who deals with all the discipline appeals.
  12. Big Kev

    Just to good at it ?
  13. Big Kev

    Oh how i have missed you
  14. Big Kev

    Dad ?