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    1. Big Kev

      Thank you Johny for your suggestion myself and other members of cabinet will look into this idea over the on coming days.
    2. Big Kev

      //PENDING\\ Cabinet is currently reviewing your appeal
    3. Big Kev

    4. Big Kev

    5. Big Kev

      Bruh im just the guy who deals with all the discipline appeals.
    6. Big Kev

      Just to good at it
    7. Big Kev

      Oh how i have missed you
    8. Big Kev

      Dad ?
    9. Big Kev

      feelsbadman just want pre-wipe back
    10. Name: Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): Date of Disciplinary Action: What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Who were you Disciplined by: Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Why the appeal should be accepted (50 Words):
    11. Big Kev

      //Denied\\ Cabinet has come to the decision that your appeal will be denied Please Re-Apply on the 01/10/19
    12. Big Kev

      //Pending\\ Your application is under review by cabinet
    13. Big Kev

      //Denied\\ Myself and Cabinet have come to the decision that you appeal will be denied Please Re-Apply on the 16/09/19
    14. Big Kev

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