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    1. Will Boyd

      Your forgetting your ghillie suit!!!
    2. Will Boyd

    3. Will Boyd

      started making this a while ago lol, never really finished it I was looking at that second pic too and thought it would be dope to have that
    4. Will Boyd

      Yeah mate, heres a VOD from SkylerBB of the most recent Theater of War Installment. (Just havent edited it down)
    5. Will Boyd

      Solid 85.6% on that one champ
    6. Will Boyd

      from what Ive heard you will have to purchase the DLC in order to play on a server that uses it. I could be wrong but yeah
    7. Will Boyd

      thats a big gun.................. blimey
    8. Will Boyd

      Lakeside kappa
    9. Will Boyd

      Gday Boys, Is there a set list somewhere of what mods that are allowed to be used on the server? Ive got JSRS and Blastcore rn but was wondering if there was anymore? Cheers :)
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