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  1. DDR

    all senior Sgt. + Senior det's have access to the Mk1. however a Inspector or above my grant any or all members to use any gun they deem necessary. if you see someone running around with a gun they should not be using, place a complaint and a command team member will deal with it
  2. DDR

    It falls under FailRP, but the person that is restrained has no control over it its the lawyers being Idiots
  3. DDR

    i mean, just looking at that photo Seven out of twenty one of those Cops are not even allowed to do any of the good Civ activities without approval from a cabinet member. or they will risk a black list. i can guarantee at last 3 are AFK and 2 more are probably sat in PD dancing
  4. DDR

    "AoW best gang"
  5. DDR

    @Harry.Wasabi you are correct, Each uranium weighs 40kg so you can carry 2 at a time with a standard carry all a hemmt box will carry 25 uranium for a total of 3.3m per trip. uranium in vehicles wont damage you. i think the hemmt fits inside a black fish so you could load it in and make easy trips
  6. DDR

    i find it kinda interesting that your using spar-16 khaki in city limits......
  7. DDR

    +1 Incredibly active and always takes CO when needed and does a great job on GD, Would recommend
  8. DDR

    +1 Great player and active within both divisions and Support staff
  9. DDR

    Name: DDR Callsign: [K06W] Assignment: Detectives Training Completed By: JotJTX - senior Constable training Ash - Detective training List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Blake, Rusty , XandersGamingLaptop, Mick taylor, Wxde Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe that in the time i have spent Both on GD and Detectives i have made attempts to better the play experience of those around me i am always available to help out newer players, and try to make the server more inviting for them . I Split my time between both my divisional work and GD, i am very active in both regards and believe that i have earned the respect of much of the APD thought my dedication to the department, i will always be looking to improve my myself and the player experience. I have CO'd Both GD and banks with high degrees of success and situational command and awareness. i am interested in taking the next step to further my career within the APD Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Ashes @Miller. @BigBenno @Prophecy @_Aidan_ @Kristian Davis @deadpool21 @Jot @Mrmudman @ItsDanielFTW @Orange-inal @Metallic@China Plus anyone else that likes this post The @ system was being buggy EDIT 1 : fixed the issues with @ tags
  10. DDR

    +1 Someone promote this man already
  11. DDR

    +1 great CO. Knowledgeable, active, well liked good team lead.
  12. DDR

    +1 during my time since the beginning of my career on cop Prophecy has always been there to assist and explain rules, regs and protocol always a pleasure to play with him or be commanded by him