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  1. Matsozetex

    I have a few suggestions to improve the game after coming back after a while and experiencing some wonkiness. 1. Base Defence Improvements In its current implementation, the base AA defence is so ineffective at taking out jets who brazenly fly over base it might as well shoot fireworks. Ages ago, the base defence used to consist of Cheetah's who could easily kill jets with their radar guided guns and titan AA missiles. I suggest restoring it back to its previous state. 2. Jet Selection This system is very buggy and poor, it makes me want to never touch jets ever again. Firstly just addressing the transport leaderboards, you don't have to incentivise people to fly transport, consistently when I hop on transport pilot slots are filled so why have the arbitrary limiter on jet quality tied to transport points. Second, the system is extremely bugged, even when requesting specific roles, consistently you get Wipeouts when requesting AA jets, and Buzzards, so many Buzzards. Lastly, why even have the buzzard present? It is simply a jet that does not excel at anything, it can't perform as a AA jet because the loadout doesn't favour air to air combat and most air supremacy jets can easily out pace it, and its role as a CAS jet leaves a lot to be desired with limited bomb load or manoeuvrability, even as a "multi-role" it fails in comparison to the black wasp. I suggest one of two things to occur, either you keep the current system (probably easier to do) but you remove the buzzard from the loadout or you remove the current system entirely and let players select which jet to pick. Ironside players don't have to earn medic points so that they get a semi-decent tank, they just choose the tank. Many beautiful staff members like Ratso are offering to spawn jets that are not shit, but maybe instead of adding another bit of work to your staff, instead fix the system so that they have one less thing to worry about. 3. Infinite Ammo I understand the balance argument that is at place here, having Tigris' run out of ammo would make the game trivial, but certain things in this game should not be given infinite ammo. My list is as follows: - Hostile Jets: Having jets with infinite ammo means they can infinitely spam you with AA missiles while using infinite flares to defeat most missiles. Jets are temporary, they come back frequently, don't make them hell to defeat. They are so past the point of annoyance that not even base defence can defeat a Gryphon. - Hostile AT Infantry: I have experience first hand this issue, enemy infantry squads seems to have infinite rockets which really gets me. I'm outside the AO riding in my bobcat where a single Recon squad fires, not 1, not 4, not 6 but 8 rockets at my vehicle. It's just getting stupid. Hopefully this advice can change this server for the better.
  2. Matsozetex

    I agree, The server has been grasping at Helicopter CAS or no CAS + AA jet for a hell of a long time. Currently there is no reason to have CAS, the current enemy setup doesn't support CAS jets being any more effective than a UAV operator. Nor is there any ability for someone who doesn't spend their entire week transporting people to play something other than buzzard. I'd say to just remove CAS, make the SPAAG spawn more frequent and maybe put some helicopter CAS (guns and rockets) on a time respawn. That will clarify the roles a bit, UAV operator aims for hard targets, helicopter opts for light vehicles and infantry, the SPAAG aims for aircraft.
  3. Matsozetex

    From what I have seen the models are better than RHS, however from what the devs/PR people for the mod have said is that it wasn't released in a finished state...... Vehicle interiors, helicopters and jets are incoming for the mods, so sometime in the near future it will be good,
  4. Matsozetex

    Jet CAS is currently too easy, if you factor out deaths due to Arma physics AOs can be nuked with GBUs and Small Diameters (which self lock) with ease. At least with Helicopter CAS, you have to be more aware and careful with your actions.
  5. Matsozetex

    I half agree with you. CAS jets I could see being removed easily, the role that CAS jets provide can be easily replaced by helicopters with Skyfires, GBUs and ATGMs being mounted to helicopters (even the reward Kajman spawns with AGMs sometimes). However the role that AA jets cannot be easily replaced by heli's, and I personally would like to see AA jets be a permanent fixture. This would involve removing GBUs from AA, also any small diameter bombs. However, I also warn, that if we do proceed with helicopter CAS, that we should at least be able to modify our pylons and if not, maybe be able to pick certain load outs at the very least (Light CAS: Rocket pods/small diameter/gun pods and Heavy CAS: GBUs/AGMs or something similar).
  6. Matsozetex

    Or you could just disable its ability to rearm from crates/containers. The MRL relative to other artillery vehicles is a whole lot faster, and wouldn't be an issue to drive to an FOB or back to base for rearming.
  7. Matsozetex

    The following is a guide for the Ironside (Tank Crew) role present in the server: I heavily suggest you go through this guide chronologically! Ironside Basics Ammo Types Protection CSAT and You Tank Analysis Parting words: Tracked Tanks CANNOT Be Airlifted!!
  8. Matsozetex

    Would it simply be worth shutting off battle eye for the server? I mean, only trusted users play on it.
  9. Matsozetex

    Is there a fix for the battleeye kick scenario, I missed last night's 15 player population and tonight's hijinks because of constant kick. I even went and deleted battleeye files and verified files to get a clean install and nothing. Please help!
  10. Matsozetex

    There was one where we used to air drop tanks from the vehicle black fish. Or even better, use those small single room military structures as mobile metal shields. Both glitches, both were fun as.
  11. Matsozetex

    It was indeed a shit show at the start, but once we lost the Outpost after zerging it things got serious and we started doing supply missions and successfully converted a town. You just gotta account for the little bit of retardation that comes with I&A members then give 'em time to get serious. When I logged off last night things were serious and down to business.
  12. Matsozetex

    Just remember to edit the mission file to make the AKs, Mosins and their ammo infinite spawn on the arsenal AND attempt to change the AAF to GREF. Both official and community versions use GREF as Independent, and it'll make the early game more balanced as we wont have MRAPs wrecking us at the start with basic weapons.
  13. Matsozetex

    Why'd you thing they removed the ATGMs? They can lock onto enemy vehicles at 4-5km out of AO, oneshot most vehicles in the game and the Kajman itself can stay in a safe area and if played effectively can wipe AO's. I can agree that the gunpod is stupid, I would rather have Skyfire pods. However, like the CAS jets with AGM removal, the use of lock on long range anti-vehicle is skill less, safe and contributes to CAS power creep. Even then, the 30mm is very effective against IFVs, Infantry and light vehicles within 2km and if given Skyfires or Mk82's it would be a beast at AOE damage.
  14. Matsozetex

    The issue with CAS from what I have noticed is when the UAV operator is on, since the UAV operator bypasses the rule for lazing having both slots occupied leads to the utter destruction of the AO by them. I have a few ideas on how to balance jets: - Limiting jets to being air superiority exclusively, considering the enemy jets will self laze bombs tanks and other ground vehicles are more susceptible now more than ever. - Limiting jets to unguided munitions, this entails the use of Mk82s and rocket pods to dish out area of effect damage (Similar to the play style of the current neophron loadout), would also stop the double team UAV and pilot raping the AO. - Removing jets entirely and simply adding a cheetah spawn to ironside. About the spawns that @Tungsten has mentioned, I believe that to be a good tiering system for the tanks. Personally I believe the spawn timers should only exist for spawn 3. My question revolves around the Spawn 3 category, with the Rhino it poses the best possible weapon in the game ATGM-LGs which can hit a target at massive ranges over terrain + the Rhino is an air-droppable chassis, similarly the Angara is the best tank in the game. Spawn 3 should be the Rhino and the Angara on a 30-60 minute timer. With the K variant being a side reward. Sadly the AA Nyx is pretty useless as previously mentioned, a possibility to fix such would be to edit the tank to have radar (5-6km range at least).
  15. Matsozetex

    Considering the release of the Nyx, we need some German camouflage