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  1. Matt Ronaldo

    Don't bother, multiple people have tried already, may as well challenge a person in a wheelchair to a foot race.
  2. Matt Ronaldo

    SWANKY Ban Report Status Not Banned SteamID 76561198106091652 nt discord admin
  3. Matt Ronaldo

    thats code nigeria content there chadd.
  4. Matt Ronaldo

    FaZe - 1 Million Subscribers Teamtage by FaZe MinK
  5. Matt Ronaldo

    Play other servers and you can play comfortably on 60 frames, play on straya and your playing borderline 20 frames which is bloody awful, so much needs fixed and so much needs to be added, management prefer to make memes then fix the server.
  6. Matt Ronaldo

    Man it's so hard right now not to write a mean comment
  7. Matt Ronaldo

    Declaration of Application: - By placing this Application you are not guaranteed placement in the APD. Your Application for Full Time Enlistment into the APD may be Denied if your answers do not meet the minimum word limit, you lie in your answers, have an unsatisfactory history of Server Rule Breaches or fail to agree and acknowledge all statements and declarations in this Application. You Application may also be Denied after an Interview with a member of the Academy Staff. Other testing my be required due to preset standards and results in these could lead to your application being Denied. Cabinet withhold the right veto any application at any stage of enlistment. If you application is Denied a time frame will be placed after which you may reapply. After this reapply period has ended you may use your previous application, unless told otherwise. Acknowledgement of Declaration: (Yes/No) Yes Basics: - Name: Matt Ronaldo TeamSpeak Name: Matt Ronaldo Age: 20 Hours Played as Pub Slot before placing this application (minimum 15 Hours): 30 Hours on Arma 3: 4.8k Hours Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198106091652 Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SwankyGOD/ Recommendation: - You must have two referrals from a Senior Constable or above. If you do not supply two referrals and they cannot be confirmed your application will be denied. (@their name) Referral One: @Chris Shaw Referral Two: @Chadd Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): Dandoo Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department (100 words min)?: I personally feel like i can help the apd in regards to making it a better police force with my personal experience with being in the APD at different times multiple times and reaching high ranks at all times of playing, left the apd at the wipe at Senior Sergeant and have decided this'd be the best time to return and help make the apd a better place and personally grow as a better team member and roleplayer. I've been in the APD before and personally feel that this time with the changes currently happening it looks like an appropriate time to come back and help better the APD If you are successful; where do you see yourself in 3 months in the APD (50 words min)?: I personally see myself rising through the ranks to probably around sergeant, i feel like my expertise would be wasted at a lower rank and i feel like command/cabinet would agree with it over time and i reckon sergeant is a low bar in all honesty on myself and my own experience. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department (50 words min)?: I can bring a wealth of experience and leading ability that i've currently utilised previously as 2IC of PolAir, I've shown ability to lead in high pressure situations and give criticism in a manner that is respectful and know the protocols extensively and know how the apd runs due to an extensive amount of time used here. Do you have any experience as a Police Officers from other servers?: Reign of Terror Sergeant - Ozzygaming SRT Team leader Other than Police, what previous role play scenarios have you been a part of on Straya-Gaming?: SRT Marksman / AOW Member / 2IC of PolAir How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: A lot of time Have you ever been banned, kicked or watchlisted from Altis Life at any stage? If so when and why: Watchlisted for naming myself ingame to negritobandito Conclusion: - Have you read and understood the Altis Life Server Rules?: (Yes/No) Yes Have you read and understood the Altis Police Department Protocols?: (Yes/No) Yes By submitting this application you agree to the limitations of being a Probationary Constable that is set above: (Yes/No) Yes Do you acknowledge that by partaking in illegal or 'Rebel' activities you do not have the right to apply for Police Divisions within the APD such as S.R.T., Detectives, PolAir and Police Academy or promotion to or past Senior Sergeant: (Yes/No) Yes
  8. Matt Ronaldo

    Unlucky Dingleberries, in the early stages i thought you were an absolute pigeon, after the later stages i realized you were one of the few people who actually knew what was necessary to fix the server, unfortunately you're leaving the staff team but i hope you enjoy life post straya gaming, Have a good one fusion
  9. Matt Ronaldo

    @Red @James32 @Mitch
  10. Matt Ronaldo

  11. Matt Ronaldo

    so bad.
  12. Matt Ronaldo

    well he got the attention, server needs a lot of change to get it back to a healthy state, we're still missing a working federal reserve, a healthy cop force at this point, police can't get above 10 cops, the server at this point consists making planned gang wars with other rebel gangs because there is nothing else to do, we are just missing everything that will keep people staying around, we lack content and a cop force at this point, school holidays and we don't have 20+ cops online which is very off due to the fact school holidays are on we have 100+ players. Bring new content and bring back what works before all the new players get bored and move onto better servers.
  13. Matt Ronaldo

    Yes, that'll work, @McCain your legal system is here, with everything you said they'd do.
  14. Matt Ronaldo

    It's not like you'd use them, why buy a cyrus when you can use a mar10 / .408 / Lynx or a prowler HMG that was used at a house raid, but lets not talk about that.