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  1. OrionSync

    Third option of Home Menu Selectable for group or self, would be the first option with the group option having an auto unlock of (time since lock) and the self locking option having an auto unlock of (distance from vehicle and time since lock), distance from vehicle would also be great for the group option but it adds overheads that won't justify it's implementation.
  2. OrionSync

    Player Of The Week 16/8/2020! It's that time of the week again where the I&A staff huddle together and give their thoughts on player interactions over the week. It was a close call for this weeks Player of the week with 2 players going above and beyond for the community it was a difficult decision but we would like present the Player of Week Award to @STYX 1 x Months Whitelisting For his tenacious hunger in getting players to work as a team and approach AO's in an organised manner (tactically) working off one another compared to the usual Rat Race of I wanna hit it first. Honorable Mentions: We would also like to extend recognition to the following players for their outstanding and consistent efforts in creating an enjoyable and enriching gaming experience within StrayaGaming I&A. @ivi_bullets_ivi For taking charge of situations where players are getting frustrated and guiding them to work on the same path to achieve their goals. @Felopher For his dedication to Transporting players in a timely and efficient manner, with helicopter placement when approaching and landing at AO or during Defences whilst also assisting down players from his vehicle to nearby medics to receive treatment. On Behalf of the StrayaGaming I&A Team CONGRATULATIONS to the above players for their tremendous efforts and to the many other participants that keep amazing us with your actions day in and day out.
  3. Just to keep you updated. Thanks for your suggestion Goose, it is understood that this will be moved into the planning stages.
  4. OrionSync

    Thanks for the suggestion Goose we are currently taking this into consideration and weighing it up against the performance implications as you are well aware of some of the disasters that can ensue when someone fast ropes prematurely or even if the server has a hiccup during a fast rope drop. Will Keep you posted.
  5. OrionSync

    Just an update to keep you in the loop. With the tanks it comes down to placement and experience as you have both iterated. As proven with previous editions of I&A Altis a complete complement of AI crew to man your tank was too OverPowering. However we believe some middle ground can be met with the addition of being able to recruit an AI for the driver position only, no promises are being made but this is something we can look into and introduce as a trial in a near future edition of I&A.
  6. OrionSync

    Not sure on the complexity of scripting this, but if the arty was to move to the fob I would be interested to see something like this put in place instead of a generic restock at start of an AO the arty needs to be manually stocked via road or air supplies.
  7. OrionSync

    Thanks for all your feedback guys, we had our first impromptu Malden Monday tonight. Although off to a slow start it slowly gained momentum especially with the help of @webbie promoting throughout the night on the other servers, @Noskire for getting the word out there before restart and @Fitz for implementing the scheduled messages on the I&A Servers and overall allowing us to put on these nights. Look forward to seeing you all out there. Thanks again guys and Enjoy!
  8. OrionSync

  9. OrionSync

    Would have to agree with you about the base clutter and that is something we can look into tidying up. Almost every 2nd player connecting had the same reaction "Wait this is not Tanoa" provided laughs for us in TeamSpeak for ages. Thanks for your feedback it's greatly appreciated.
  10. OrionSync

    Would like to get your guys thoughts on possibly implementing a Malden Monday, where each Monday the Malden I&A would be run on the Tanoa Server from 6pm till 12am. This is in response to player requests and suggestions that there needed to be more variety in the I&A maps. We have loaded the Malden I&A on the Tanoa Server Yesterday at the 6pm restart for 24 hrs until the 6pm restart today the 12th Jan for you guys to jump on and have a go. Earlier on in the night we peaked around the 37 players mark who were suprised upon logging in with the phrase of the night being "This is not Tanoa" once over the shock I believe everybody had a great time. It also offers an alternative for those players who currently do not own the APEX DLC as Malden was a free vanilla DLC. Feel free to post you thoughts, comments and/or any suggestions.
  11. OrionSync

    1300 apologies image has been corrected with right time
  12. OrionSync

  13. OrionSync

    "We were blown away by what we saw"