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    1. Daywalker

      Nice clip at 37seconds. 100% was not rdm
    2. Daywalker

      There's some old clips in there from a few months ago because I had a break from Arma for a few months.
    3. Daywalker

      Is this kid serious? Go look at the suggestions if you think tasers need to be changed! We need devs cuz the server's nearly dead. Robberies will add stuff for rebels to do. Medic bus stops is pretty minor
    4. Daywalker

      "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
    5. Daywalker

      Nice aim
    6. Daywalker

      but u shot first
    7. Daywalker

      dont know what your on about
    8. Daywalker

      KOS Store Up to cops, probably Inspector+ (what it used to be)
    9. Daywalker

      I don’t get how hard it is to update the server regularly, as Greeny said use the donations to hire other developers or just offer dev positions to some community members. All other servers that I’ve seen succeed have listened to their community and engaged with them on the forums to help them workshop ideas and have them implemented. These communities have also had regular updates adding significant amounts of content yet on strays we haven’t had new content in months and we have a broken fed. If you want people to play on your server then give them shit to do! The cop to civ ratio recently has been ****ed because there is nothing for rebels and civs to do but **** with cops in Sydney or hit a bank.
    10. Daywalker

    11. Daywalker

      Great ideas Wex. It would be great to see this implemented in the near future. With the gang vault I think that only half, or less, of it should be able to be taken by the cops if you want the raiding of these to take place regularly or else gangs will just not use the gang vault.
    12. Daywalker

      I know that there has been a few but that doesn’t mean that the culture of the most part of the cops is one of respect out of game. In response to the long standing nature of the cop-rebel conflict it doesn’t matter how long it’s gone on for, as @bouda118 said this post was made at a time when these tensions where at a peak and trying to settle this beef was important as it was jeopardising the validity of suggestions made by rebels that the server so desperately need.
    13. Daywalker

      Your missing the point. Whilst I understand Michael’s video was only intended as a joke it demonstrates the current out of game hate that cops have of rebels. Even though his post does not affect any suggestions it promotes a long standing out of game despise of rebels that cops have. His post promotes a culture of ignorance and rejection of anything said by a rebel that current cops live by. My response doesn’t need to change anything but I feel that it needs to be brought to light that the current out of game rivalry between rebels and cops is just ****ing dumb. Everyone, regardless of what faction they play, is entitled to having their own opinions and giving feedback to server staff, which in the past few months has been vital. Making meme videos about someone making suggestions is pretty appalling, especially given their rank on cop. As @Fusionable said it’s only a game and yet we treat each other like shit and reject any of their ideas, good and bad, out of game depending on what faction they play.
    14. Daywalker

      It’s pretty sad that you are making memes about people with genuine suggestions for the server but your too ignorant to listen to anything being said because your a cop and anything suggested by rebels must have a sinister intention to ruin the server. How about reading what is said given that there are major issues with both factions.
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