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    1. Daywalker

      I require an apology
    2. Daywalker

      I could have gone on floating through space forever.
    3. Daywalker

    4. Daywalker

      *hits bank with 8 cops on* *15 cops log on* *gets tased by pubby* *alf+f4*
    5. Daywalker

      "AREA 51"
    6. Daywalker

      Nice clip at 37seconds. 100% was not rdm
    7. Daywalker

      There's some old clips in there from a few months ago because I had a break from Arma for a few months.
    8. Daywalker

      Is this kid serious? Go look at the suggestions if you think tasers need to be changed! We need devs cuz the server's nearly dead. Robberies will add stuff for rebels to do. Medic bus stops is pretty minor
    9. Daywalker

      "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
    10. Daywalker

      Nice aim
    11. Daywalker

      but u shot first
    12. Daywalker

      dont know what your on about
    13. Daywalker

      KOS Store Up to cops, probably Inspector+ (what it used to be)
    14. Daywalker

      I don’t get how hard it is to update the server regularly, as Greeny said use the donations to hire other developers or just offer dev positions to some community members. All other servers that I’ve seen succeed have listened to their community and engaged with them on the forums to help them workshop ideas and have them implemented. These communities have also had regular updates adding significant amounts of content yet on strays we haven’t had new content in months and we have a broken fed. If you want people to play on your server then give them shit to do! The cop to civ ratio recently has been ****ed because there is nothing for rebels and civs to do but **** with cops in Sydney or hit a bank.
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