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(Mission Trailer)


Crossroads has lost contact with a routine air reconnaissance patrol tasked with gathering Vietcong movements. The last we heard from the pilots was that they took flak fire and were running out of fuel but were attempting to return to base. They still have not returned, 8 hours later. We a preparing a full scale SEARCH AND RESCUE MISSION to secure and evac the pilots.


Deploy air recon to the area to attempt to sight any signs of a downed aircraft. Once the aircraft is located, fireteams are to be inserted to secure and recover the pilots. Once contact with the pilots is made use any intelligence that they gathered to attack the flak position in addition to any QRF forces deployed.


CROSSROADS: Gen. L. Walker (@Luke) - Commander in Chief.
RECON: Forward Recon Team
BULLER: Fireteam 1
PERISHER: Fireteam 2
THREDBO: Fireteam 3
FATMAN: Friendly Artillery Support







The mission will take place this Sunday, the 2nd of June at 16:00 AEST (18:00 NZST). We encourage players to join TeamSpeak and the Zeus Events server 15-20 minutes before the mission starts to prepare kits and iron out any issues with Task Force Radio. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to @Luke, @Joshua_ or @Noskire


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