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    1. Joshua_

      Question for ya... How would you propose the "points" be accumulated? Time spent inside the side mission circle? Kills? Completing specific mission tasks (securing cache etc)? Sounds like a good idea though
    2. Joshua_

      Thanks to everyone who entered... the winners are: 1st. @Dogofwar 2nd. @SS_WhiteVans 3rd. @Ya_Boi_Tachanka Send me a PM on either the forums, discord or TeamSpeak to claim your prize(s). Keep an eye out for future giveaways, and congratulations to our winners!
    3. Joshua_

      Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion.
    4. StrayaGaming Easter Giveaway TO ENTER: To enter the giveaway, reply to this post with "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig." THE PRIZES: 1st: Rocket League, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and DiRT 3. 2nd: Marksman, Karts and Helicopter Arma 3 DLCs. 3rd: Donation Perks on 1 StrayaGaming server for a month. THE DRAW: The giveaway will be drawn on Monday the 22nd at 9PM AEST. Show us your support of these giveaways by giving this giveaway a big up. Good luck!
    5. TANOA THURSDAY Come join us this Thursday at 18:00 AEDT (20:00 NZDT) on the Tanoa/Malden I&A Server for a special Tanoa Thursday. We've recently upgraded some of our servers to use new i7-7700k CPUs for better overall performance as well as increasing the player slots to 80. $20 Steam Vouchers will be available as prizes for players who gain the most kills or revives on the night. Come join us for some fun in the jungle!
    6. Joshua_

      Made this last week. Can't go wrong with a good Pesto Pasta. https://www.rainbownourishments.com/festive-pesto-pasta-salad/
    7. StrayaGaming Monthly News Bulletin THE HEADLINES ALTIS LIFE UPDATE v10.0: A major update to Altis Life was released in early March, heralding the long awaited return of the crafting system. Players can once again combine mined or collected items into weapons and gear. The v10.0 update also includes the addition of several vehicles to the 3 gang bases; quilin minigun, 4WD LMG, Armed Offroad and Unarmed Kajmans. Depleted uranium has been added as another rebel method of making money and for use in crafting. You can read more about the update here. OPERATION BITTER REDEMPTION: A hearty congratulations to WASTELAND for winning our recent Bitter Redemption server v server v server competition. You can watch our Media Team's highlights video here. Additional congratulations go to Yeet and Hazzy155 for the most strategic play and largest killstreak respectively. ANNOUNCEMENTS COMMUNITY TEAM EVENTS DISCORD: Due to the popularity of our recent large-scale events, a dedicated events discord has been created to allow teams to plan strategies, ask questions to staff and keep up to date with event announcements. If you're interested in participating in an event or would like to keep up to date, feel free to join our Events Discord. MONTHLY DONATION PERKS GIVEAWAY: Starting this month, we will be giving away a months donation perks on one StrayaGaming server to a lucky community member. To enter the draw for next month, simply like this post and check next month's bulletin to see if you've won! INVADE & ANNEX - MALDEN AND TANOA DAYS Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening come and join us on our second Invade & Annex server to play I&A on the island of Malden or Tanoa. The I&A staff often jump into Zeus on these nights to add some extra challenges and toys to play with. You can grab the server IP here. SPACE ENGINEERS SERVER: Did you know that we have a Space Engineers server? Build colossal ships, explore space and fight opposing players in epic clashes. More information can be found here. MEDIA OF THE MONTH Shortened version of the recent Operation Dawns Break Mission by @Humaine STAFF NEWS Congratulations to the following staff who have been appointed to the staff team in the last 2 months: @Weaver @RadScorpion @Dando @Guardian @Holski. to the Community Team. @Evo766 @iamjack @Maverick3211 @DreadScythe @AceWinchester @Bill Props @Dando to the Support Team. @BigRed as a Trial Invade & Annex Moderator. @Virtual_Seahorse to an Altis Life Senior Moderator @bouda118 to an Altis Life Admin DONATORS Many thanks to all those who donated in this last month. Thank you for supporting the StrayaGaming Community @Juan Man @insanepanda0221 @Wyld @iopio @Hope @Expostech @webbie @Joshua_ @Jaidyn @RaPiD Mason @Decent @Jacob Mchairyyy @Salmon01 @leeseven @Armando Wolff @bouda118 @Snohman @Cpt.Cougs @Jackson Morgan @pkisbest @ViPER78 @helidave @Humaine @CraZed00 @bodyboarder2528 @Rackers @Bill Props @Grim. @Corrupt @Bang1324 @Red @Chadd
    8. Joshua_

      EVENT NAME: Operation Soloman GAME: Arma 3 PLAYER COUNT: Up to 20 players DESCRIPTION: One of CSAT's highest ranking generals, General Soloman, has agreed to testify before an international tribunal in exchange for immunity. General Soloman possesses highly classified intel regarding war crimes committed by CSAT on the island of Tanoa, that is hoped will persuade other NATO members to provide military support to the US led campaign. Your task is to safely extract and escort the general from a designated pick-up point is to the main airport on Tanoa, where he will be transported to the Hague by plane. Vehicles: 1x Gun-Only Pawnee, 3 Mods: RHSUSAF, JSRS/Blastcore Optional LENGTH: 40-60 minutes
    9. Joshua_

      This is a great suggestion, big +1 from me.
    10. Joshua_

      Zeus Event - 6PM Sunday

      Zeus Event run by @Guardian on the Invade & Annex Event Server. Time: 6PM AEDT (8PM NZDT) Required Mods: RHSUSAF Optional Mods: Blastcore & JSRS Server Password: straya
    11. Joshua_

      Best of luck in your future endeavours @webbie. Your contributions to Invade & Annex, Exile and this community in general have been outstanding. Thank-you
    12. Joshua_

      Best of luck in your future endeavors, Dredal. Ya will be missed
    13. StrayaGaming Community Events - Suggestions PROLOGUE: The purpose of this thread is to enable community members and recent participants of our Bitter Redemption Interserver Event to provide us with their suggestions for future events. This can be an Arma 3 event, interserver event, other game events etc. All event ideas put forward will be considered and discussed among the Community Team. Please follow the format below for posting a suggestion: EVENT NAME: Name GAME: Arma 3 PLAYER COUNT: 2 Teams of 5 DESCRIPTION: Outline your event idea here... include as much detail as you can. Relevant screenshots/Steam Workshop items should be listed. LENGTH: 30-40 minutes Please do not reply to this thread unless you are posting a suggestion, using the format above. Show your support for other suggestions with a
    14. THE WINNERS Congratulations to TEAM WASTELAND for winning the Bitter Redemption mission. Congratulations to @Hazzy155 for the largest kill streak. Congratulations to @Yeet for the most strategic play. Thank you to all the players who participated and the staff who made this event possible. Keep your eye on the forums for more Community Events!
    15. Joshua_

      Restricting the closer AOs completely when there is only 20-25 players is probably not viable in my opinion, but that is something that would be analysed and discussed by the I&A staff anyway. Unfortunately many I&A pilots tend to develop a bit of tunnel-vision in regards to what their role can be. In the case of a close AO, consider the following: When there are few troops to transport or it is otherwise not viable, we should consider undertaking other supportive roles as a pilot. Can't help ya with your FPS though, that's a you problem
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