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    1. Joshua_

      Thanks everyone for entering; here are the winners! @InfusedSilence 1st Place @Mr_Cuddles45 2nd Place @Fraz 3rd Place I will contact each of you tomorrow to arrange your prizes. Congratulations!
    2. Wasteland Bonanza Weekend & Giveaway To celebrate the servers recent milestone into the top #150 Arma 3 servers globally, there will be a 50% discount across all stores on Wasteland this weekend. That's right, 50% off everything. The discounts will run from Friday 1PM to 5AM Monday, giving all players an opportunity to jump on and splurge. On top of our store discounts, the Wasteland Team is giving away a combined prize pool of $10,000,000 and 50 tokens to 3 lucky wastelanders. 1st: $5,000,000 + 25 tokens 2nd: $3,000,000 + 15 tokens 3rd: $2,000,000 + 10 tokens To enter, all your need to do is reply with to this post with: "Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus" The giveaway will be drawn this Sunday the 12th, at 10PM. Good luck!
    3. StrayaGaming Community Team We're recruiting! The StrayaGaming Community Team plays an integral role in the development, maintenance and engagement of StrayaGaming's various services and platforms. This primarily consists of planning and running events, basic development tasks and maintaining StrayaGaming's presence on various social media platforms. As a member of the Community Team, you will be an important component that makes the StrayaGaming community so enjoyable, upholding StrayaGaming as the welcoming and enjoyable place that we all know and love. Promotional Pathways: The Community Team is an excellent stepping stone towards a number of other roles in the StrayaGaming staff team. Experience as an entry-level staffer will familiarize you with staff structure and organizational norms and practices. By demonstrating proficiency in satisfying the appointment requirements of the Community Team, it indicates to us your ability to function well in team based environments and aptitude in the use of various staff tools, giving you credentials for ascension to development and/or server moderation roles should you apply. If you're interested in applying for a position and believe you have met the requirements, please submit an application here. Have questions? Don't hesitate to flick me a message. @Joshua_
    4. Joshua_

      Wasteland Update 5.1 Rebalance and Rework We've been listening to your feedback following our Major 5.1 Update in December - here are the changes you asked for. Feature Changes: Food & Water has been introduced Dynamic Weather has been introduced Bug Fixes: Town Invasion at Cape Cod has been repositioned. Super Heavy Money mission commencing and completing immediately. Launcher Exploit has been amended. Kamino Boat Spawn has been repositioned next to the store. Destructable Stores have been fixed. Exploding Vehicles on spawn has been fixed. Moveable Map Buildings have been locked. Sniper Mission has been removed temporarily due to intermittent buggy spawns. Tweaks: Vehicle Spawns to not spawn on runways. Boulders at Nisi Bay Gunstore have been removed. Central Buildings have been reshuffled and the sniper towers numbered. Redundant Buildings have been removed at Central, Kamino, Jay Cove, Airstation Mike and Camp Maxwell. Super Heavy Money mission will always include an AA vehicle. Zone Names for several zones have been renamed. Agios Cephas Gun Store has been redesigned. Mortars Cost has been increased to $100,000 with a $25,000 rearm cost. OP Varients of the Blackfoot and Kajman have been increased to $150,000 and 2 tokens. Several small map changes in various areas to enhance combat. Thanks @LameSlayer for all your bug reports!
    5. First Place: @Ashes Second Place: @Pozzy Third Place: @RiseAvATAR Congratulations! I will contact each of you on the forums during the next few days to arrange your prizes. On behalf of the StrayaGaming Staff Team, I would like to wish all our community members a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.
    6. Due to several unforseen staff absences, a number of AL and I&A events in our Christmas Advent Calendar have been postponed to a later date. To ensure everyone has an opportunity to enter our Christmas Raffle, I am opening up this post for everyone to enter. Here's a reminder of what prizes are up for grabs First Place: $50 Steam Gift Card, plus StrayaGaming Donator Perks on Altis Life, Invade & Annex and Wasteland servers for one month and a TeamSpeak Event Winner Tag. Second Place: A 3 month Xbox game pass, 3 months' of Discord Nitro, StrayaGaming Donator Perks for a server of your choice for one month and a TeamSpeak Event Winner Tag. Third Place: $20 Steam Gift Card and a TeamSpeak Event Winner tag. To enter the Christmas Raffle, simply react to this reply with We will draw the winners on Christmas Eve and announce the winners via the forums and discord. Good luck!
    7. Joshua_

      Major Wasteland Update 5.0 Revamp and Rebalance We've been listening to your feedback over the last few months - and changes are coming. We've been listening: Your discontent has been heard. You’ve told us: The server grind is far too intense and time consuming. Acquiring sufficient funds to play with high level gear and vehicles is not practical for average players with time constraints. There is no incentive to play cooperatively and it is not encouraged. A majority of players join the Independent faction and get annihilated by longstanding veterans who have accumulated capital giving them access to superior small arms and vehicles and can field them in greater numbers. The majority of combat is fought kilometers away by snipers in ghillie suits or jets with air-to-ground missiles. We're taking action: This afternoon, the server will be updated with a variety of new features and balancing changes to the server economy. Capture rewards for all zones have been increased Starting balance for new players has been increased Heavy lifting has been reintroduced Burying bodies has been reintroduced Independent group sizes have been restricted Extensive pricing balancing for vehicles, weapons and gear New vehicles, weapons and gear have been added Sniper nest mission has been added Super heavy money mission has been added !admin support feature has been added. Map changes based on feedback you gave has been made: Central has been revamped with unnecessary buildings being removed and a vehicle store added USS Freedom has been relocated back to the southern side of the island accessible by land Gun Stores have been given a facelift and decluttered Relocation of a number of stores to complement the new territorial layout What's in the pipeline: Moving forward into 2020, we plan to implement the following features and changes. Loyalty cash rewards for BLUFOR and OPFOR players Refreshed missions including the much requested Rogue Admin mission Cash rewards for reviving team members New virtual inventory items for base building and a deployable quadbike for quick getaways. Dynamic weather to add variety to the combat environment Food and water items to keep players moving around. Our vision for Wasteland: These changes will promote more territorial play between the BLUFOR and OPFOR factions by incentivizing zone contestion between factions and reducing the time required to source higher grade weapons and vehicles. Aforementioned changes reflect this vision in the rework of the map, delineating clearly two zones to encourage each side to control one of, capturing zones and constructing defenses around them, and then fighting over a reworked central zone with one of each type of store. Increased costs for first-rate aircraft means their acquisition will be more difficult and their loss more punishing. This combined with reduced launcher costs will create a more even playing field by allowing relatively affordable countervailing responses from either side in response to more expensive and lethal assets fielded by the other. Jets and ahelicopter gunships will retain power but not be able to attack without appreciable reprisal. Moving forward, the Wasteland Team will be running weekly server events to provide some variation in gameplay and inject some cash into the server economy. Full dev-blog can be found here.
    8. Joshua_

      AL 40% Store Discount

      Information to follow...
    9. Joshua_

      AL 40% Store Discount

      Information to follow...
    10. Joshua_

      AL 40% Store Discount

      Information to follow...
    11. Joshua_

      Christmas Raffle

      Information to follow...
    12. Joshua_

      AL Battle of the Best

      Information to follow...
    13. Joshua_

      I&A Hamburger Hill

      Information to follow...
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