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    Strayagaming says goodbye to wasteland RIP

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    KRISTIAN.    68

    Lets be honest people! wasteland used to be good - NOT ANYMORE HA

    A change is coming... It has now arrived (long time ago actually LOL)

    Strayagaming thought by adding a million scripts and having retarted players on wasteland they thought they were gonna hit 40+ players every night ! REALLY !! who are the fooling? 
    So why don't we list all the shitty reasons why this wasteland server is dead LMFAO

    1. Overpriced trash, really.... Everything is so bloody expensive on the server such as vehicles and gear, I just found some service online to spawn me money in game for ($1- 1mil) LOL JUST BEING HONEST I NEED MONEY 
    2. ******s on the server, All I hear is 30year old virgins screaming in the mic about someone repeatedly killing them in the game... LIKE GROW UP MOMMAS boy. play the game and shutup
    3. Admins thinking they are top shit... Bro ur like 19 years old... acting like u got power for the first time in there lives... They abuse admin like no tomorrow oh well I would do the same...
    4.Cant believed I donated to the server for vehicle skins... watta a joke,,, I think the moneys gone to some admins bank account buying daddy presents to let him stay on the computer late at night.

    This server is dead, don't worry if u do get banned coz ur not missing out on much 
    Hope you loved my story, since you love leaving a server dead lolssss

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  • KRISTIAN.    68
    2 minutes ago, Nova said:

    this video has aged well

    wow thanks might watch fast and furious again before I spawn some more cash for the lols on wasteland

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    Joshua_    795

    @KRISTIAN. I really appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns about our Wasteland server, I always take the feedback from individuals permanently banned for hacking very seriously. Undoubtedly the constructive opinions you've raised here today will influence the direction of our Wasteland server for years to come. 

    // Thread Locked

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