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    Player of the Week 2/5/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Congratulations Weary Dig Weary Dig – Previous weekly mention as gamer who has been playing in the Straya IA community for some time and has achieved a damn good reputation at being consistent and a team player. Albeit very professional and rarely speaks but his tactical approach and reasoning to gain the advantage and his demonstrated efforts to lead from the front really stand out. Generally, a player who strategically and chronologically will take the objectives in order to prevent CSAT gaining the upper hand. Rather than getting bogged down in the infantry fighting or running towards gunfire, he’ll push objectives. Well played. Honourable Mentions: @Badger, - This week Pvt. Badger has been flying helos and has managed to top the list for the most transport points. Not only can he pay a great frontline role taking the battle to CSAT, but has the added ability to get troops in successfully. Badgers ability to respond to requests from the AO is of considerable note, whether updated situational awareness requiring a change in tracking, and request for ammo or a special LZ, Badger remembers the key to being a good pilot on this server, Service to the troops. Us pilots are there to support what they need! Well done, Badger! @Deagle – Deagle is a cornerstone of most infantry combat on the server. Always up fighting fit and taking it to the enemy. Often quiet, but communicates when needed, he’s the silent professional type, like a highly skilled grey man. If you need an objective taken and he’s on the way, chalk it up as a win. @JFE – Medic – Another well seasoned gamer who plays his role as a medic with dedication considering the amount of players incapped by CSATS defence. Another great asset to have in a defend or when charging froward in the frontline trying to gain whatever advantage over CSAT. Always makes the effort and goes the distance and a player who deserve the credit for his efforts. @Chris – Been a long-term player and balancing work with play time however plays as a medic and one of the players that follows the objectives, gets the results and never complains. A formidable asset to have when you need medical intervention and he is in the game. Very handy with a rifle and always makes the effort to get you up if he can, with a total disregard to obstacles. Plays at all different times, morning, afternoon and late into the night. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.