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    1. War Machine

      how 'bout, just put those stores in one compound/street? Like adding a gunshop at the markets
    2. War Machine

      If the whole group got wiped out during an operation, it is because the group ****ed up.
    3. War Machine

      I missed my chance on that
    4. War Machine

      @webbie, I never had the chance to know you that much in my. It is quite sad that you'll be leaving us soon. It was fun and an honor to be around you mate. Best of luck in your endeavors.
    5. War Machine

      since we are using the same assets as the enemy, How do we identify if that marshall is a friendly or not? Are you going to put a flag on it like red flag for OPFOR, green for Indies, and blue for BLUFOR? the prowlers can change color like sand for BLUFOR, olive green for Indie and black for OPFOR or are you gonna give them skins?
    6. War Machine

      @Snohman sad to say, not everyone have the tank DLC...
    7. War Machine

      is I&A will still be BLUFOR or you're gonna make a lottery who's gonna be BLUFOR, OPFOR, and Independent?
    8. War Machine

      okay, I forgot about that fact that there are whitelisted slots and Ironside people tend to man a tank alone instead of working as a team.
    9. War Machine

      aren't tanks exclusive to Ironside automatically?
    10. War Machine

      so, what kind of tanks do you prefer to be spawned? If you're preference is a T-140, which is definitely over-powered, I suggest that It has to be spawned once. After you loose it, you have to bring the HEMTT Repair to the FOB to spawn it again.
    11. War Machine

      to Mars
    12. War Machine

      I forgot to mention about the tanks... Ironside fans usually complain about the fact that it took 15+ minutes to get to the AO and get one-shot by an AT. In my mind, maybe spawn tanks as well, preferably MBT Kuma (x3). But catch is, the FOB has to be reinforced when you lose all three tanks.
    13. War Machine

      if only the ISP's in my country could give more than 10Mbps and there is no data cap, I could have downloaded mods to my hearts content... Sad to say, we only got 150Gb of data every 1st of the month. If there is still remaining data and I'm going to download big stuff (movies, mods,...), it has to be at least 3 days before the month ends
    14. War Machine

      I don't know if it's just me or... In my opinion, there should be a change in the vehicle spawn in the FOB's. As I have reinforced the FOB with all the needed necessities, I noticed that not everyone is willing to respawn in it. I believe that if you change the spawned vehicles in the FOB into a more armored one's like the Prowler (HMG/AT/unarmed), Hunters (HMG/GMG/unarmed), a lot of us would be encourage to spawn in it when we die and always reinforce it. In my view, an FOB, like a hotel should be a home away from home. In this case, a base away from base.
    15. War Machine

      as far as I remember, when a server is modded, you can't enter...
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