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    1. RadScorpion

      StrayaGaming Community Team Giveaway: Stellaris G'day people of the community, today we're giving away a copy of Stellaris to one lucky community member! ------------------------------------------------------------------ To Enter: Reply to this thread with "Should we go get the bad guys, maybe? Just a suggestion." ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Draw: The giveaway will be drawn on the 30th of April, 2019, at 8PM AEST/Sydney Time. Show us your support of these giveaways by giving this giveaway a thumbs up. Good luck!
    2. RadScorpion

      "The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig." 
    3. RadScorpion

      Huh. So that's what winning a 2v7 feels like.
    4. RadScorpion

      @6IX Yes, this bug was patched in a hotfix shortly after the seatbelts were added.
    5. RadScorpion

    6. RadScorpion

      I am so ****ing confused.
    7. RadScorpion

      At a guess I'm assuming you mean more combat classes (Anti-Tank Rifleman as one example). Not sure if there are any other classes that can be put in. All the bases have been covered (rifleman, pilot, CAS pilot, drone operator, marksman, sniper, yada-yada-ya). That said, I'm interested to see some of your suggestions.
    8. RadScorpion

    9. RadScorpion

      -1. While I do agree that the SPAR-16/HK416 is a good weapon and is better than the MK20/F2000 in the medium to long-range engagement category, I would like to raise the point that a lot of police engagements, particularly with General Duties within Sydney or the other two cities, are primarily close-range engagements which the MK20 is equal to or better than the SPAR. Because of that, I reckon the price should stay the same (and if anything, it would make the Rebels happy because from memory their SPAR-16 is around the same price as ours). As for banks; you have the MXC or MXR as an option for 10-ish K. Use it.
    10. RadScorpion

      I don't really handle houses all that much in AL so no comment there. Go-karts: While some people in Sydney are a f**king pain in the arse with unflipping the damn things into cars, still a +1 from me because roleplay.
    11. RadScorpion

      Ouch. I would say lag or something along those lines, but that is... weird.
    12. RadScorpion

      Oh boy. Some people are about to get clapped.
    13. RadScorpion

      Don't see an issue with this personally. It's only 6.5mm and below.
    14. RadScorpion

      @1LT Xiverta Need a group to play with , you lads seem like a decent bunch
    15. RadScorpion

      Not bad. Your contractor group recruiting?
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