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    AREA 51
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    Name: Snow Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): N/A Date of Disciplinary Action: 22/6/19 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: 1 Day Ban Who were you Disciplined by: Sean Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: VDM Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] I have thought about how I was in the wrong and in doing so will improve my actions and be sensible when playing the server, i shouldn't have acted in a stupid way and rammed into a cop because that isn't like the Strayagaming community and I understand the way Sean reacted. I will treat officers and authorities with utter respect which they deserve and be considerate instead of committing such foul behavior Any other information:
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    I just wanted to go on the server and play medic but I saw that there are no medic public slots, how are the head of the EMS department supposed to know how good you are at being medic if you want to be whitelisted? Do you think there should be an easier way to make money by playing medic?
  4. Today, I was excited to log on and get a brand new sports hatchback, so i did, i left it in front of the hospital to get a repair kit, then i turn around and James is lock picking my car. i try to pull him out but i couldn't, so i followed him since the tyres were popped. Then he knocked me out (in a safe zone) and takes a kidney out of me. Then he said "GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW OR ILL SHOOT YOU" (in a Safe zone too) and he did shoot me. Now he owns a SPORTS HATCHBACK that is worth 90,000 grand?????? Please tell me how this isn't a bannable offense. Please get this guy banned.
  5. danman1501

    I would love to see the intro song being "I need a Doctor" By Eminem Since it says 'I need a Doctor to bring me back to life'. I think this really suits the medic. P.S I'm not bossing anyone around