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  1. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    Glitch out and RDM people.
  2. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    i think i was here for this, it was one of the few times i ever played AL and i was hunting Snowwie to RDM him
  3. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    Server was doing fine with that until ya mum got me banned for calling him out day in day out so he could kill it
  4. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    Team balance didn't exist when the stackfor trend started
  5. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    it wasnt tho thats the thing xD and im good thanks you?
  6. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    You can thank me for stackfor @Neanp
  7. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    All i see is complaining, not a single suggestion on how to improve the server just whining and bitching. you can't expect change if you yourself aren't willing to contribute to the changes you would like. if you wanted to see something change so badly you would do everything in your power to see it changed and keep persisting regardless of what is said and done. Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future - John F. Kennedy @KRISTIAN.
  8. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    Thats BI for ya
  9. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    hes basically saying it should have never been changed and he preferred vanilla to begin with whilst being sarcastic :)
  10. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    The idea of indirect fire is you have spotters calling out grid references for you, not sitting in the backline left clicking on something and clickin "fire"
  11. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    What happened to snowwies comment anyone?
  12. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    it is when you have someone who is trash and needs that crutch whilst also using leadermarkers.
  13. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    i called this abuse of power out MULTIPLE times March last year and it either fell on deaf ears or Ya Mum Denied it resulting in it being ignored. im glad this injustice has finally ended and wish you all the best in restoring Strayagamings Wasteland to its former self.
  14. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    The good thing about IFA3 is its constantly getting updated due to there affiliation with WS and the KoTH/Wasteland Community. its miles better then it was when it came out lol back in the first few months of it being on the workshop i already managed to break the planes..
  15. Blue Eagle [+1 CREW]

    Nclem #1 Speedboat Gunner AU