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  1. Ya Mum

    Hi there, thanks for asking but I'm not very moist at the moment. In respect to the footage you've provided, you were killed by a UAV. That player had been flying a UAV for quite some time. Regarding the other incident, there are a number of glitches after the last BI update and you were probably subject to a bit of desync. What I would ask that is anyone has any footage or photos to submit them on the forums and not have a go in global.
  2. Ya Mum

    Lo oh please........???
  3. can you please let the rest of us know what suggestions you've made? I liked Malden and when James first released it, I believe we were probably the first and we had a consistent 70-80 players on but it was only new and once the novelty wore off, players started to leave, the player numbers we were consistently getting simply dont justify having such a large map and it seemed that there were more players complaining about the performance than not. My opinion is that we probably cant really compare the 2 maps equally because each map demanded a completely different game play. Stratis is more PVP (jets and drones aside) and Malden wasn't.... there was still PVP going on but certainly not to the same degree. A lot more air assets were used back then. Base building really has died which is a shame. I've seen some massive fuk off bases on Stratis but i think there was possibly a change in the coding or something that made it so you couldn't do it or something, James or Dak could probably shed some light on that.
  4. Ya Mum

    “Why does everything have to be so ****ing difficult....” Ya Mum, circa 2017
  5. Ya Mum

    Haven’t seen sun shine and blue skies for a few days now
  6. Ya Mum

    Hi mate Dynasound has just been put back up. @Unit_3397 might be able to confirm that its all good to go?
  7. Ya Mum

    @kristianit will be coming back..... its been delayed a bit but it will be back
  8. Ya Mum

    I've never been blown up by the car bombs?? ive probably just jinxed myself now ?
  9. Ya Mum

    Yup good luck with that ???
  10. Not entirely an accurate representation of what happened is it ....
  11. Sorry mate I've been away for the last week. I'm downloading the update now and check that out for you
  12. Ya Mum

    **** yeah..... just saying
  13. Ya Mum

    wow.....just wow...
  14. Ya Mum

    You didn't want to include me??
  15. Ya Mum

    ....and yet it's still only your group that seems to have any major issue with it. Clearly you get off on twisting words and distorting the truth to suit your own arguments and until you can start looking objectively at things and remove your ego"s and personality issues then there is no point continuing the conversation. @Unit_3397