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Kat's Intro.

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Kat.    217

Hey lads, Kat here. Pretty sure majority of the admins have gotten to know me, 3 fps bug gets us to know each other better. Anyway, this topic is here introducing myself to the StrayaGaming community. I used to play on the Wasteland server some 3 months ago, but that's stopped now. I recently got pretty into I&A and have been enjoying it since. I even decided to get myself known in the TeamSpeak community that you guys own.

Since the time I came here back in Wasteland to now, I'm enjoying every second of it.

Hope to see you guys ingame soon.



Cheers from Kat.

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  • Ora209    142

    Hahahaha welcome Kat

    Hope your ready for the full blow of I&A


    see you out there man, Ora

    oh and P.S i would recommend joining the @Fitz Cult

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