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    1. Armando Wolff

    2. Armando Wolff

      Close Quarters Combat Update Today, we will be pushing out a small update for the CQC server which is comprised largely of changes requested by the community. We apologise for the wait, and hope you enjoy all the changes WEAPONS & UNIFORM New weapons and uniform from the latest DLC (Contact) Removed all suppressors from the arsenal Removed .50 cal mags from the arsenal SPAWN POINTS Renamed capture points actual map locations Added Kore spawn point Added Airport spawn point Added Algo spawn point EXTRA Added UI with health bar & player count CTRL + H heals you to 100 HP (Must have a FAK)
    3. Armando Wolff

      Name of gang initiating war: 9 lives Targeted Gang Base: 3 Date preferred for gang war: (must be minimum 5 days in advance) whenver suits all Members partaking in the war: (max 15) Armando Wolff ukami Tuna Skyfise Carlos Daywalker rennnn Jesse W Luke dizzy Truthy Bob Ravin w1ll Lars @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
    4. Armando Wolff

      IGN: Armando Wolff Hours: 61320 Age: 7
    5. Armando Wolff

      Accepted Welcome to 9 Lives
    6. Armando Wolff

    7. Armando Wolff

      Like I said either push for a huge change or take the easier route and put revving into the hands of our teammates.
    8. Armando Wolff

      Got nothing against medics as people. Just their faction is useless for rebels, the only time they're around is for banks and if we win, cool not needed. We lose cops will get revived first then us, leading to our arrest. There's nothing a rebel can actually do to a medic (rob them, steal their vehicle, take them hostage for a bank). Hopefully, you can see why rebels get annoyed because to cops they're just tools to get our bounty.
    9. Armando Wolff

      Hello? If we were able to rev ourselves we wouldn't need to buy more gear and return. Letting people be able to revive their teammates just adds a new mechanic and makes things more suspenseful. If you have either been restrained at a bank and one of the boys has to picklock you out you'll understand. The process of reviving someone would probably take like like 40 seconds to a minute (imo) giving plenty of time for the opposite side to take advantage of that. I think you should get more knowledge of how the server works at the moment before you say stuff like this, currently people lose one fight and leave the server.
    10. Armando Wolff

      This isn't a roleplay server
    11. Armando Wolff

      When people get revived they don't want to be taken to a hospital or driven off by a medic, they want to continue fighting. This is why medic is a useless faction as they are not needed for what they bring. - Remove EMS - Give Inspectors+ defibs - Add epi-pens to rebel (one time use and they have a certain amount of time to make it to a shady doctor before dying) May sound harsh for medics but either push for a huge change (can rev in combat, little to no restrcitions etc.) or try civ or cop.
    12. Armando Wolff

      L E T M E K I L L M E D I C S they put a dnr on ix thats a ****ing dec if you ask me
    13. Armando Wolff

      9 LIVES BRAVO TEAM Ravin 76561198357727515 rennnn 76561198974771140 Luke 76561198255644123 dizzy 76561198256912421 Truthy 76561198154476523 will 76561198201021546
    14. Armando Wolff

      9 LIVES ALPHA TEAM Armando Wolff 76561198109250682 ukami 76561198161195975 Tuna 76561198077735349 Skyfise 76561198056354988 Carlos 76561198158694440 Daywalker 76561198162413351 SUB (SKYFISE PROBABLY BUSY) Bob - 76561198391938737
    15. Armando Wolff

      I like this guy +1
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