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    1. Armando Wolff

    2. Armando Wolff

      yo thought i was watcing a skyfise montage for a second jk bro stay groovy
    3. Armando Wolff

      I feel that man
    4. Armando Wolff

      to all the strayagaming men
    5. Armando Wolff

      Sounds like a you problem
    6. Armando Wolff

      if you wanna do gd then dont go to bank
    7. Armando Wolff

      drive around in ifrit all day
    8. Armando Wolff

      Bruh there some mad dox up in this bitch
    9. Armando Wolff

      Why do you retards always bring a suggestion off topic, you're just giving them an excuse to lock this and forget about it.
    10. hey whats up fellow community team officers how are we
    11. Armando Wolff

      You're welcome strayagaming
    12. Armando Wolff

      now he can only play on two servers
    13. Armando Wolff

      these are pretty neat for the average gamer
    14. Armando Wolff

      The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig.
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