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    1. Armando Wolff

      drive around in ifrit all day
    2. Armando Wolff

      Bruh there some mad dox up in this bitch
    3. Armando Wolff

      Why do you retards always bring a suggestion off topic, you're just giving them an excuse to lock this and forget about it.
    4. hey whats up fellow community team officers how are we
    5. Armando Wolff

      You're welcome strayagaming
    6. Armando Wolff

      now he can only play on two servers
    7. Armando Wolff

      these are pretty neat for the average gamer
    8. Armando Wolff

      The Easter Bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig.
    9. Armando Wolff

      Who's AoW?
    10. Armando Wolff

      Pending Join our discord whenever you're ready - https://discord.gg/6BcNRrC @inamenan
    11. Armando Wolff

      IGN (In-game name): PlayerUID / SteamID64: How many hours in total do you have on Altis Life (estimated): Why do you want to join the gang: What type of player are you (Infantry/sniper etc):List all clans/gangs/groups you have been a part of in Arma 3:
    12. Armando Wolff

      IX vehicle skins by chadd
    13. Armando Wolff

      9 Lives Armando Wolff - 76561198109250682 Ukami - 76561198161195975 Tuna - 76561198077735349 Skyfise- 76561198056354988 Carlos - 76561198158694440 Daywalker - 76561198162413351
    14. Armando Wolff

      Controlled areas section

      sup, could we please have a section in the 'my gang' tab on the y menu that displays the areas you currently control so like just below the drop-down option there could be a section headed 'controlled areas' bullet-pointing all the capture points and hideouts you have. ps, add the other two hideouts back like why did they get removed???
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