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    "AREA 51"
  2. decibel_spl

    The problem I have with the separation of the UAV roles is that the operator should be fulfilling either one of the two roles they can - support or recon; there shouldn't be both at the same time. If we had a dedicated sentinal/greyhawk operator, we'd be getting CAS callouts more often due to the UAV being usually preoccupied on other things like quad/hexa copters, UGVs and the like. Some might argue that as a good thing but it comes back to the old story of #nerfCAS. As for other roles, I would personally like to see a few straight rifleman slots on the Altis I&A, plus an AA Rifleman or two (I think it would actually get people to bring AA to the AO). It also wouldn't be a bad idea to create some distinction for the grenadier role - with an open arsenal it has no context, it either should be replaced with a standard Rifleman or have some restrictions to give it definition - (example to get the idea) over the top but restricting 40mm HEs (not GLs with flare and smoke rounds) to grenadier and squad lead. Side note, do we really need 2 Recon AT slots?
  3. decibel_spl

    Invade & Annex Piloting Handbook As there has been much discussion about common topics and a general lack of core piloting concepts, here is a short handbook for newer and less experienced pilots to reference: Piloting 101: Primarily, the role of a pilot on the Straya-Gaming I&A server is to support the infantry in a number of ways including but not limited to: providing timely transportation of players and vehicles; logistical support including rearming, resupply, refuel, ammo drops, etc; and providing C.A.S by use of armed helicopters. To fulfil these roles successfully you must adhere to some rules of piloting first, which can be found on the map screen (under rules > aviation). The most important rule is all pilots must be on the SG Teamspeak server while flying. The Teamspeak IP is: ts.straya.life. Once on the server, you must join the appropriate channel: Invade & Annex > Transport/Air Defence/CAS > Altis or Tanoa (depending on which server). (Side note: you may be in the channel muted, but not deafened) The purpose of using Teamspeak is to enable clear and proper communication among pilots, appropriate to the game. Pilots have priority in this channel, and chatter in the channel must reflect this (We see far too often the chatter be off topic and piloting communication is handicapped). Communication: When piloting on the server, effective communication allows all pilots to have the best experience while playing. Effective communication includes notifications and warnings of: Pad usage, Probable collisions, Runway crossing, and Traffic. Pad Usage: There are 3 helipads for infantry transportation purposes. They are numbered as follows: 1-3, SW to NE (alternatively, when looking at the spawn point from the runways, 1-3 left to right). There is also a medical pad marked with a Cross – this is not to be used a helipad and only when transporting wounded, POWs, HVTs, etc. There is also a service pad to the south of the helipads. Pilots must communicate when landing, taking off, or moving to and from the helipads. To prevent collisions and create a uniform system, pilots must (when entering the base) ingress parallel to the runways and cross over the grass area where the crates are. If there are no helipads available, a pilot must land or hover above the grass until a pad is free. Collisions/Traffic: To prevent collisions, pilots must communicate when: They are passing another chopper at close proximity, there is a high chance of a collision Runways: There are 2 runways (effectively 4) and their naming convention is as follows: The bearing your nose is facing when on the runway, is the name of the runway – left and right is then derived from that. For example when exiting the plane service heading SW, those runways are called 22 left and right (pronounced two two, not twenty two). Helicopters are recommended to enter the base parallel to these and must communicate when crossing the runways. General Aviation: Helicopter pilots have the following aircraft available to them: x1 Hummingbird (aka little bird), x2 Ghost Hawks, x1 Mohawk, x1 Huron/Taru, x1 Vehicle Transport Blackfish, x1 Infantry Transport Blackfish/Xian. There is also one pad that has a rotation of a Ghost Hawk, Orca or Hellcat (aka Lynx); Pilots are expected to be able to fly the majority of these - if you do not know how to fly a certain aircraft, DO NOT attempt to (especially the Blackfish as these have a 15 minute respawn timer). After the completion of an AO, pilots are expected to extract the players from the area and move them to the next AO or back to base. As a courtesy to other pilots, if you are flying a high capacity aircraft let smaller aircraft extract first so as to not hog all the action. Again as a courtesy, if there are already an appropriate number of choppers at an extraction point, do not go there yourself. When transporting players to the AOs, you gain transport points: these can be viewed by pressing Home > Leaderboards > Transporters. These transport points serve as a score and the top 3 after every week (They reset at 00:00 AEST on Mondays) gain access to the whitelist pilot slot for the next week. At base, there is one heavy lift chopper available – this helicopter can be used to transport vehicles that can’t be transported by smaller choppers, or the crates that spawn on the grass. These crates have multiple purposes: They can be used to service vehicles in the field, or to be transported to the FOB for logistical support (click on the FOB to see what crates still need to be transported there).
  4. decibel_spl

    "Le Gendarmerie - Une force humaine" Syndikat forces have stolen weapons from the US Army and NATO pacific. The Gendarmerie have been called upon to resolve the issue and reclaim the weapons. Event Logistics: The event will take place this Wednesday (3rd April) on the I&A event server at 18:00 AEDT. The server will be opened 30min prior. Mission Specific Information: Equipment used in this mission is to be exclusively taken from the Arsenal at base - please do not use any pre-made loadouts. You will require the RHS:USAF mod to play this mission - JSRS and Blastcore are also available as optional mods. Do come along - Bonne chance et amusez-vous bien!
  5. decibel_spl

    Webbie, it was a pleasure playing with you on the server and everything you have done will live on. Thanks for putting up with all my antics. You're a great guy, best of luck in future.
  6. decibel_spl

    Fair enough choice, the problem of course is not the location of the FOB, but the AOs that spawn with it. I figured removing the FOB and reallocating the AOs accordingly, is the cleanest, most efficient way of solving the issue. Regardless, where would you propose moving the FOB to?
  7. decibel_spl

    You do realize that no competitive shooter that is played seriously is 3rd person. But lets not thread jack
  8. decibel_spl

    Operation Danger Close Game: Arma 3 Player Count: 3 Teams of 15 Players Description: Urban Based PVP event - 1v1v1. Quasi Milsim; Stamina enabled, 1st person Locked, No Arsenal (static loadouts), Round based death-match (no respawns) event in which the first to 2 or 3 points (depending on length of rounds) wins. Custom map supplied by myself (see screenshot for the general setting and map design). Start points located in the middle of each edge.
  9. decibel_spl

    Another idea I thought of: with the removal of this fob, make the FOBs in the quadrants last an AO or two longer. Doing this would allow the FOBs be more useful as everyone is in the one area of the map for longer.
  10. decibel_spl

    I can understand that perspective. My suggestion was only thought about because it's simply easier. To be honest, I would rather those AOs not spawn at all when there's over 20-25 people on. They ruin my experience playing due to the frame drop and waste of piloting.
  11. decibel_spl

    I propose that this fob be removed from the server, along with it any AOs within 4km of the base. Any time there's one that close, piloting almost seems useless as you enter landing procedure as soon as you take off. Not to mention, the amount of resources in a 4km radius puts a significant amount of pressure on the server and frames plummet; compare my dropping to 10 fps from a standard 20+. Any AOs that are undertaken as part of this FOB should be re-located to the appropriate FOB in the quadrant of the map. (E.g. Frini to Forlorn Hope)
  12. decibel_spl

    Tbh, it should be very obvious who's marshall is who's. It will just require communication and a bit of thought before shooting.
  13. decibel_spl

    I think this is a good idea, not because of people not getting out, but because of people being absolute idiots and trolls in your chopper while flying. When people spam music, troll, or abuse the pilot; I would love to be able to remove them from the chopper because that is a flight risk and extremely distracting. I agree though, it would have to be implemented carefully as that is very easy to abuse.
  14. decibel_spl

    Operation Terror Incarnate MISSION OBJECTIVE: Guerilla Operatives in their observation of the nearby town of Kavala have spotted an opportune moment to incur terrorism on the residents of Altis. Civilians have put a hand up in assisting NATO and IDAP in the resurrection of important buildings that were lost to conflict in the region. Operatives have spotted a construction site down the road from the hospital which is NATO supported - This infers there will be locals present and as such, provides an opportunity to inflict mass casualties and terror. A team will intercept an IDAP convoy, running supplies and aid to the site and take their place. From there they infiltrate the construction site and plant explosives in key locations to inflict maximum damage. MAP/LOCATION PREFERENCE: Altis, Kavala SQUAD SETUP: x1 Infiltration / Explosives Team x1 Distraction Team x1 Lookout Team WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Dependent on Team
  15. decibel_spl

    Operation Red Peril MISSION OBJECTIVE: Spies have infiltrated a major NATO airfield and reported that US and British special forces intend to use this airfield as a significant staging point in an upcoming operation in the region. General Han has requested this airbase be infiltrated and crippled to slow down preparations and gather further intel on their reported operation. Viper Strike Force Zuī hăo has been assigned with the meticulous task of assaulting the airbase under the cover of darkness. From there, they will destroy the major logistical assets including a VX-44/C-130 (depending on RHS). MAP/LOCATION PREFERENCE: Main Airfield on Tanoa SQUAD SETUP: x1 Assault Team x1 Distraction Team x1 Recon Team CAS\FSG STATUS: Extraction Xian can provide CAS if required. WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Viper equipment - Viper uniform, LBV Harness, Viper Backpack, Type-115