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    Welcome, Engineers of StrayaGaming! We have some exciting changes to our Space Engineers server which we cannot wait to share with you. Greeting Engineers, As most of you are aware we we have had discussions on our Discord over the past week about changes we would like to do, some of these changes was regarding adding a Weapon + Shield mod, swapping out Build and repair & Drill and Fill to Nanite Control System we also had a vote on whither people wanted to do a Server wipe. Over the past week the Space Engineers staff team have been running tests on a suitable weapon mod that is balanced along with the shield mod. As of Friday the 9/10/2020 all Offline Faction Safe-Zones will be turned off, allowing players to go ham. Also over the weekend we will be running some Server Events to allow players to use some of their grids they have stored and/or built over the past few months, and on Monday the 12/10/2020 we will be making changes to the Server and doing a full wipe in the process. The Weapon mod we have chosen to go with is Assault Weapons Pack that adds an variety of small & large grid weapons that allow you to create more types of battle-ships and base defenses, we are also adding in Defense Shields that can be used to take a few extra hit when in battle and can be used on Ships or stations but be aware you will need power to run these shields. Along with the changes we are making we are also removing a following mods to make room for the ones we are adding, so we will be removing Nanobot Build and Repair System & Nanobot Drill and Fill System and adding in Nanite Control Facility, for more info about Nanite Control Facility and how it is used there is a guide that you can read Nanite Control Facility Tips. **Full changes we are making** -Removing Nanobot Build and Repair Nanobot Drill and Fill System -Adding Nanite Control Facility Assault Weapons Pack Defense Shields Server Mod Collection pack: Found Here The Space Engineers staff team would like to thank everyone on their input about these changes over the past week and look forward to see what you can create on your next builds after the wipe.