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  1. Player of the Week 11/07/2021 

    🎖️Congratulations SIDVISH! 🎖️

    SIDVISH – Despite being one of our newer players, your stablising influence on general operations has encouraged greater maturity and cooperation amongst pilots and ground forces this week. We look forward to seeing your continued involvement and leadership on the server. 

    Honourable Mentions:

    @Delta 2-5 - a versatile and seasoned veteran of the server, Delta is quick to change roles and rally the troops based on the operational needs of each objective. Your leadership and strategic mindset are always a welcome, often being a deciding factor in the success of each campaign. 

    chual - at the time of this post, you can claim 380 revives to your name this week - an extraordinary feat. Another great week, you're a great asset to the team.  

    Christopher - your efforts this week in the UAV role this week were well appreciated by those on the ground. The consistency, accuracy and speed at which you designated targets and coordinated CAS/Mortar assistance was invaluable. Well done. 

    The Invade & Annex team and I are super impressed with everyone's efforts this week - I will be awarding all honourable mentions donator perks for one month. You guys have really lifted the bar, well done :clap:

  2. rs2banner.png.e6981e8c8bd3dfe51995bfe4ba912e87.png

    Rising Storm 2:Vietnam Server Rules

    All rule interpretations are up to the server staff's discretion.

    Report rule breaches via the Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life

    Recently changed rules are in yellow. 



    1 - General Rules 

    1.1 Please read and follow our Community Guidelines at all times.

    1.2 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules. 

    1.3 Any form of hacking, exploiting or cheating is prohibited.

    1.4 Spamming Text or Voice Chat is forbidden.

    1.5 Any form of trolling or uncooperative behaviour is prohibited. 


    2 - Gameplay rules

    2.1 No Teamkilling, ensure to apologise for accidental teamkills.

    2.2 Ensure you are performing your role. (Radiomen support the commander etc.)

    2.3 Do not abuse the ingame voting.

    2.4 No Commander unless there are 20 or more players on the server.

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  3. I can appreciate the frustration, but the 12-15 minutes of waiting is negligible in my opinion; it is a difficult aircraft to fly, but when flown well it really dominates troop transport operations. There is nothing more infuriating for other pilots then when a competent blackfish pilot hogs all transport operations with their faster, snazzier aircraft. I'm afraid a respawn timer reduction is not something I would endorse.  

    As you know, I'm usually happy to oblige requests for additional aircraft during peak periods... just ask. 

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  4. Major Wasteland Update 6.0

    Refreshed Missions, Token Upgrades and New Items 


    This update provides a wide variety of new content for you to enjoy ranging challenging new mission to upgradeable spawn weapons and gear. Please find below a list of all changes made in our latest installment of SG Wasteland:


    Principal Additions and Changes:

    • Added 'Paratroopers' Mission .
    • Added 'Rescue HVT' Mission.
    • Added new designs for Roadblock and Outpost Missions.
    • Added new gun and gear token upgrade tiers.
    • Added unarmed fixed wing 'Ababil' drone.
    • Added 'Fast Roping' for helicopter occupants.
    • Added tear gas to Gun Store and respective gas mask to General Store.
    • Added bounty system at ATM.
    • Added K/D ratio and current bounty to the scoreboard
    • Added dynamic compass
    • Added 'Multipurpose Detector' for finding landmines and spawn beacons.
    • Added Intro Music upon connection.
    • Added Starter Pistol to Gun Store.
    • Added Leg bag, Messenger bag, Hard hat and Hi-Vis vests to General Store.
    • Modified Central buildings to encourage more diverse close-quarters combat. 

    Modifications and Tweaks:

    • Added new mission categories: Military, and Hostage.
    • Removed Dome at Camp Rogain.
    • Changed Independent group size from 4 to 5.
    • Removed Suppressors for weapons with a calibre above 7.62mm from Gun Store.
    • Added Suppressors for weapons with a calibre above 7.62mm to Mission Crate contents.
    • Added Teamspeak, Discord, and Forum details on load screen.
    • Changed Drones maximum token price to 4.
    • Changed Object lock radius from Stores to 100m.
    • Modified M5 Sandstorm cost to $2,000,000 and 10 tokens

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed 'Town Invasion' spawning AI in and under buildings.
    • Fixed Territory sizes to appropriate areas.
    • Fixed Item Descriptions in stores.
    • Fixed Vehicle convoys spawning in wrong formation.
    • Fixed Roadblock AI not manning turrets.
    • Fixed mission aircraft not having any flares


    Please share your feedback with us, Wasteland Staff are contactable via Forums, Teamspeak, or StrayaGaming Discord in the Wasteland Channel.

    Thank-you to the Wasteland Development Team, @Bad_Apl in particular, for all the hard work put into creating this update.


    - Wasteland Team

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  5. Image result for arma 3 warlords

    StrayaGaming is proud to announce the addition of a Warlords server to our current list of pop-up servers. 


    Warlords is a free, competitive multiplayer mode where two competiting teams attempt to capture the base of the opposing side. Players commence the match by joining either the NATO (BLUFOR) or CSAT (OPFOR) faction. Both teams then need to begin conquering AI controlled AAF sectors across the map to form a chain of linked sectors from their base, to the opposing faction's base. 


    Throughout the match, players can earn Command Points by demonstrating their prowess on the battlefield and holding as many sectors as possible. The more sectors held by the team, the greater number of points they will have available to use on superior gear, vehicles and AI reinforcements. 


    Server Name: StrayaGaming.com | Warlords

    Connection information:


    Have questions? Send a message to myself or @Turbanator and we would be happy to answer them.


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  6. Our Wasteland 5.3 update is just around the corner, bringing a variety of tweaks to the map and stores, new missions, and some much anticipated changes to the token system. Before it is released, we wanted to provide players with an opportunity to make suggestions directly to me and the development team for consideration in this update. Any constructive suggestions or feedback you can provide will greatly assist us in releasing an update that all players can enjoy.

    Show your support for suggestions by giving them a big ?

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  7. Before I delve into my response to the points you've made, I would like to briefly acknowledge and thank you for taking the time to write up this thread in such a mature and constructive manner.  As Altis Life is outside of my direct prerogative, I will only respond to your feedback pertaining to the community and events in general. 

    The transparency and communication between the staff team and community has, I agree, been an area in which all departments could see some major improvement. While things are usually progressing well behind the scenes, I can see that updates on our progress aren't being made public and hence cultivating low morale among our players - this is something we will endeavour to work on. 


    "The introduction of a dedicated social media/promotions team would be of great benefit, as it would be able to tap into the massive amounts of people on social media at any given time- and then spread the community name and servers to new and keen players looking to have a fun time."


    This is something that falls directly within the purview of the Community Team. Social media, as you have described, is a very powerful tool that when utilised correctly can greatly improve the efficacy of our marketing strategies. In recent times, our use has been limited for a number of reasons; 

    1. As we have predominantly been an Arma 3 community, we have had little need to break outside our bubble. Players find us through the server browser and through word of mouth.
    2. Running giveaways on social media sites never really worked... folks usually don't like having to use their personal accounts to enter a giveaway.  
    3. The majority of our regular players have discord and/or an account on the forums. Creating publications on these platforms is simply easier and provides us with greater control over the content.
    4. Maintaining 5+ social pages is a lot of work...

    These points aside, I am looking at revitalising our current social pages in the coming weeks to support our new prospective services such as Space Engineers and Rust. If you have any suggestions regarding what content is published, please hit me up in discord. We have a number of major changes coming to the forums and TeamSpeak soon as well; stay tuned. 

    Podcast sounds awesome - I look forward to working on it with you as discussed in TeamSpeak. 


    I am more than happy to discuss these points further or answer any questions you might have, just ask. I tend to float around in TeamSpeak most nights after 8/9PM AEST. 

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  8. Wasteland Update 5.2

    Jets and Base Building Overhaul


    This update aims to address two core components of the Wasteland experience; base building, and CAS superiority. It is our hope that the following changes will create a fairer playing field while still supporting all play-styles and abilities. Without further adieu, here is the 5.2 changelog for your reading pleasure:


    Principle Additions and Changes:

    • Added token reward for 50 AI kills 
    • Added New Roadblock missions that spawn over roads.
    • Added Small and Large IEDs able to be purchased from gun stores.
    • Added a larger variety of weapons to vehicle inventories
    • Added Heli Pad and Boat Spawn to Camp Comms Vehicle Store.
    • Added portable Quad Bike in Player Menu.
    • Added New Building Supplies, including concrete bunkers.
    • Added Rogue Admin mission for Senior staff to initiate to their discretion.
    • Complete overhaul of Jet prices and armaments to encourage a more balanced play style.

    Modifications and Tweaks:

    • Added functionality to sell the vehicle contents at the same time as selling the vehicle.
    • Added several new towns, spawn points and territory capture points.
    • Modified spawn weapon upgrade cost to 20 tokens.
    • Modified spawn gear upgrade cost to 15 tokens.
    • Modified the standard spawn gear a Level 1 Armour Vest and a Sting 9mm.
    • Modified the token upgrade spawn gear to a Level 3 Armour Vest, Level 2 Armoured Helmet, and a SPAR-16 5.56mm.
    • Modified the Rhino Tank cost to no longer include tokens
    • Modified Radio Bags price to $50 rather than $500.
    • Modified the Sandstorm MLRS re-arm cost $100'000 instead of $200'000. 
    • Modified Super Heavy Money Shipment spawn rate to be less likely than other Money Shipment types.
    • Tweaked the money shipment vehicle spawns to reduce the chance of exploding on spawn.
    • Tweaked the body de-spawn time to 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes. 
    • Tweaked Gun Store object spawns for static emplacements to more appropriate areas.
    • Tweaked restart warnings and times altered to reflect new restart times (0100 AEDT, 1300 AEDT).
    • Tweaked the location of the Nisi Bay personal storage crate out of the gun store zone.
    • Tweaked Building Objects de-spawn timer to 7 days rather than 3.
    • Removed all Transport Heli missions. 
    • Removed duplicate 'Tanoa' variants of vehicles removed from vehicle store.
    • Removed token variant of T-140 Tank.

    Bug Fixes:

    • World Objects at Stratis Airfield Gun Store now unable to be moved.
    • Central Vehicle store Helicopter spawn moved to prevent exploding on spawn.
    • Heavy Money Shipments altered to prevent all vehicles in convoy being Anti Air.
    • World Objects at Central now unable to be moved.
    • Blufor and Opfor no longer have group capacity limits.
    • Fixed some general stores spawning objects in the wrong area.
    • Vehicle spawns at Cape Cod moved to prevent spawning in Runway.
    • Removed vehicles spawning at Air Station Mike and exploding.
    • Fixed USS freedom vehicle spawn to prevent vehicles exploding on retrieval.
    • Heavy Lifting edited to scale lift-able vehicles relative to size of helicopter.


    Please share your feedback with us, Wasteland Staff are contactable via Forums, Teamspeak, or StrayaGaming Discord in the Wasteland Channel.

    Thank-you to the Development Team, @Bad_Apl in particular, for their hard work over the Holiday Period.


    - Wasteland Team

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  9. Wasteland Bonanza Weekend & Giveaway

    To celebrate the servers recent milestone into the top #150 Arma 3 servers globally, there will be a 50% discount across all stores on Wasteland this weekend. That's right, 50% off everything. The discounts will run from Friday 1PM to 5AM Monday, giving all players an opportunity to jump on and splurge.


    On top of our store discounts, the Wasteland Team is giving away a combined prize pool of $10,000,000 and 50 tokens to 3 lucky wastelanders.

    • 1st: $5,000,000 + 25 tokens
    • 2nd: $3,000,000 + 15 tokens
    • 3rd: $2,000,000 + 10 tokens


    To enter, all your need to do is reply with to this post with: "Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus"


    The giveaway will be drawn this Sunday the 12th, at 10PM. Good luck!





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  10. StrayaGaming Community Team

    We're recruiting!


    The StrayaGaming Community Team plays an integral role in the development, maintenance and engagement of StrayaGaming's various services and platforms. This primarily consists of planning and running events, basic development tasks and maintaining StrayaGaming's presence on various social media platforms.

    As a member of the Community Team, you will be an important component that makes the StrayaGaming community so enjoyable, upholding StrayaGaming as the welcoming and enjoyable place that we all know and love.


    Promotional Pathways:

    The Community Team is an excellent stepping stone towards a number of other roles in the StrayaGaming staff team. Experience as an entry-level staffer will familiarize you with staff structure and organizational norms and practices. By demonstrating proficiency in satisfying the appointment requirements of the Community Team, it indicates to us your ability to function well in team based environments and aptitude in the use of various staff tools, giving you credentials for ascension to development and/or server moderation roles should you apply. 


    If you're interested in applying for a position and believe you have met the requirements, please submit an application here.

    Have questions? Don't hesitate to flick me a message. 


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  11. Wasteland Update 5.1

    Rebalance and Rework 


    We've been listening to your feedback following our Major 5.1 Update in December - here are the changes you asked for. 


    Feature Changes:

    • Food & Water has been introduced
    • Dynamic Weather has been introduced

    Bug Fixes:

    • Town Invasion at Cape Cod has been repositioned. 
    • Super Heavy Money mission commencing and completing immediately. 
    • Launcher Exploit has been amended. 
    • Kamino Boat Spawn has been repositioned next to the store. 
    • Destructable Stores have been fixed. 
    • Exploding Vehicles on spawn has been fixed. 
    • Moveable Map Buildings have been locked. 
    • Sniper Mission has been removed temporarily due to intermittent buggy spawns.


    • Vehicle Spawns to not spawn on runways. 
    • Boulders at Nisi Bay Gunstore have been removed. 
    • Central Buildings have been reshuffled and the sniper towers numbered. 
    • Redundant Buildings have been removed at Central, Kamino, Jay Cove, Airstation Mike and Camp Maxwell. 
    • Super Heavy Money mission will always include an AA vehicle. 
    • Zone Names for several zones have been renamed.
    • Agios Cephas Gun Store has been redesigned.
    • Mortars Cost has been increased to $100,000 with a $25,000 rearm cost. 
    • OP Varients of the Blackfoot and Kajman have been increased to $150,000 and 2 tokens.
    • Several small map changes in various areas to enhance combat.


    Thanks @LameSlayer for all your bug reports!

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  12. Due to several unforseen staff absences, a number of AL and I&A events in our Christmas Advent Calendar have been postponed to a later date. To ensure everyone has an opportunity to enter our Christmas Raffle, I am opening up this post for everyone to enter. 

    Here's a reminder of what prizes are up for grabs :pogchamp:

    • First Place: $50 Steam Gift Card, plus StrayaGaming Donator Perks on Altis Life, Invade & Annex and Wasteland servers for one month and a TeamSpeak Event Winner Tag.
    • Second Place: A 3 month Xbox game pass, 3 months' of Discord Nitro, StrayaGaming Donator Perks for a server of your choice for one month and a TeamSpeak Event Winner Tag.
    • Third Place: $20 Steam Gift Card and a TeamSpeak Event Winner tag.



    To enter the Christmas Raffle, simply react to this reply with :xmasfeelsgoodman: 

    We will draw the winners on Christmas Eve and announce the winners via the forums and discord. Good luck!

  13. Major Wasteland Update 5.0 

    Revamp and Rebalance


    We've been listening to your feedback over the last few months - and changes are coming. 


    We've been listening:

    Your discontent has been heard. You’ve told us:

    • The server grind is far too intense and time consuming. Acquiring sufficient funds to play with high level gear and vehicles is not practical for average players with time constraints.
    • There is no incentive to play cooperatively and it is not encouraged. A majority of players join the Independent faction and get annihilated by longstanding veterans who have accumulated capital giving them access to superior small arms and vehicles and can field them in greater numbers.
    • The majority of combat is fought kilometers away by snipers in ghillie suits or jets with air-to-ground missiles. 


    We're taking action:

    This afternoon, the server will be updated with a variety of new features and balancing changes to the server economy.

    • Capture rewards for all zones have been increased 
    • Starting balance for new players has been increased
    • Heavy lifting has been reintroduced 
    • Burying bodies has been reintroduced 
    • Independent group sizes have been restricted
    • Extensive pricing balancing for vehicles, weapons and gear
    • New vehicles, weapons and gear have been added
    • Sniper nest mission has been added
    • Super heavy money mission has been added
    • !admin support feature has been added.


    Map changes based on feedback you gave has been made:

    • Central has been revamped with unnecessary buildings being removed and a vehicle store added
    • USS Freedom has been relocated back to the southern side of the island accessible by land
    • Gun Stores have been given a facelift and decluttered 
    • Relocation of a number of stores to complement the new territorial layout


    What's in the pipeline:

    Moving forward into 2020, we plan to implement the following features and changes. 

    • Loyalty cash rewards for BLUFOR and OPFOR players
    • Refreshed missions including the much requested Rogue Admin mission
    • Cash rewards for reviving team members
    • New virtual inventory items for base building and a deployable quadbike for quick getaways. 
    • Dynamic weather to add variety to the combat environment
    • Food and water items to keep players moving around.


    Our vision for Wasteland:

    These changes will promote more territorial play between the BLUFOR and OPFOR factions by incentivizing zone contestion between factions and reducing the time required to source higher grade weapons and vehicles. Aforementioned changes reflect this vision in the rework of the map, delineating clearly two zones to encourage each side to control one of, capturing zones and constructing defenses around them, and then fighting over a reworked central zone with one of each type of store. 

    Increased costs for first-rate aircraft means their acquisition will be more difficult and their loss more punishing. This combined with reduced launcher costs will create a more even playing field by allowing relatively affordable countervailing responses from either side in response to more expensive and lethal assets fielded by the other. Jets and ahelicopter gunships will retain power but not be able to attack without appreciable reprisal. 

    Moving forward, the Wasteland Team will be running weekly server events to provide some variation in gameplay and inject some cash into the server economy. 


    Full dev-blog can be found here.

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