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  1. Travesty

    which is fine
  2. Travesty

    Get rid of the jets! Disagree, some players come for the jets. CAS rules are tight enough, removing this element of gameplay would be too OP in my opinion./ Get rid of the VTOL's except for the Vehicle Blackfish. This makes sense for the player numbers we have these days. Though, keeping the Armed Blackfish as a reward is my suggestion. Have the Taru & Huron spawn separately & have more pods (Medical, Bench & Transport) I also agree with this. Replace 1 of the Ghoties with the Huron and have the Taru rotate between the variants. Have the Hellcat on spawn rotation with the Little Bird. Love the Hellcat and Little Bird, wouldn't hurt to trial out the rotation. Have 2-3x Ghosties spawning, With gunner AI in non-player usable Seats. I suggest 2 Ghosties with AI. AI gunners might promote smarter flying which isn't a bad thing.
  3. Travesty

    Folks, if you've never run an Escape mission, I highly recommend you try it out. It's different to the other servers in that you don't have the front foot/initiative/advantage in other game modes. So you need to Be Smart, Be Tactical, Pick Your Shots, Survive, Escape. Good Luck.
  4. Travesty

    Good Player: Nope. Veteran: Phew!
  5. Travesty

    How to sum up @Matsozetex In one post How would you describe the whingeing and bull****ery from this player? I'll start. Toxic player slagging off most of the players on I&A on the forums. You make some valid suggestions, yet no one wants to hear them when you're being an asshole. Toxic player slagging off most of the pilots on the TS channel when they make a mistake. You want to improve pilot skill? Be a voice of encouragement and support, not ridicule and scorn. Limited viewpoint due to a chronic case of Rectal Cranial Inversion. Google it, then see a doctor. General combative nature. Again, being an asshole. TL;DR - From one Asshole to another, Physician Heal Thyself. P.S - Before another player points out the hypocrisy of this post and how angry and toxic I was becoming when I was staff, why do you think I resigned and stepped away from SG? I get it, it's easy to be pissed off at the BS and the dickheads, but this is a public server open to all so accept that comes with the territory, if they're playing within the rules Find an Engineer, get him to build you a bridge, and Get Over It.
  6. Travesty

    Can't, doing my hair...
  7. Travesty

    Threatening the server staff...
  8. Travesty

    *Makes a note to check back 11pm tomorrow to play this sweet new server...*
  9. Travesty

    Makes sense to me...
  10. Travesty

    I'd support this idea in a trial. The issue is there are only 6 Pilot slots so you would have to create Instructor/Trainer slots to prevent losing a pilot slot to training purposes. There are a few experienced pilots who would be good at teaching newer players how to fly.... But @=S.N.A.F.U.= would just be telling them to buy a HOTAS and TrackIR before switching to AFM!
  11. Travesty

    You shut your dirty mouth, the ADF WISH they could run a Bergen, RPGs, sniper rifle and ghillie suit!
  12. Travesty

    There are many Arma milsim groups that exist, running a milsim event on a public server would be... challenging. TL;DR - These aren't the gamemodes you're looking for.
  13. Travesty

    A whitelist should provide access to additional benefits within a server, not present a barrier to entry for newer players that could stunt the growth of the I&A server. For example: A newer player, being competent but having never played on the server before, tries to fly CAS late one night and can't because they've not been tested/approved/annointed by staff Etc. That player then goes and plays on another server because their experience was affected by this rule. I also fail to see the return on time invested to implement this versus the desired impact on the server considering the current limited role CAS has in I&A. If you really want to address the issue of bad CAS pilots then provide helpful guidance and advice to newer players on how to improve instead of tearing them down. I've witnessed you going off the rails on other pilots, and frankly it's not helpful in the least. We should show the same patience others have shown newer players who joined the server, otherwise no real progress will be made. EDIT: Generalised the last sentence, because decibel isn't the only player with this issue.
  14. Travesty

    I was planning to attend by work has gotten in the way. I've got the mods ready for future missions, should be interesting to see how this differs from a TFD mission.