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    1. webbie

      @Humaine check your inbox
    2. webbie

      @Joshua_ any slots available?
    3. webbie

      Invade & Annex Scheduled Zeus Ops

      Invade & Annex Scheduled Zeus Ops on Dedicated Zeus Server Server Start: 1pm AEDT Mission Start: 2pm AEDT Details to follow
    4. webbie

      I keep forgetting to mention but we will run Op's every Sunday Fortnight. The next one is Velvet Thunder which is a community event on a whole and we are looking for recruits. Following that we will do an op every fortnight at the aforementioned schedule. Having said that if time permits and they're are a few players interested I can run one on the fly, I have plenty in the playbook.
    5. webbie

      Yes this is basically what I was getting at. Neither @Fitz or I want to spend hours and hours doing classnames. And honestly monetisation doesn't even come into the equation as it wouldn't go against any rules. RHS and other mods is perfectly ok for an event server but persistent missions not so much.
    6. webbie

      6+ hours and much more to alter many other specifics within the framework. However it is possible if they are added via zeus. May happen down the track, no promises.
    7. Attention all Invaders! 17th of Feburary 2019 @ 6pm. Now recruiting for Operation Velvet Thunder. Come fight for your Server against AL and WL and prove we are the kings of Arma. All the info here: Contact @webbie or @Joshua_ if you wish to participate. A private discord is set up for us to discuss our tactics and game plan. Please note you must have majority play hours on the server you wish to play for to be admissible for that team.
    8. webbie

      in here is where you put shite
    9. webbie

      fk me @BigRed im not reading all that i just wasnna fking kill you not know your when your trooper takes a dump
    10. webbie

      Please use the comments section on the event calendar when discussing events to keep it altogether. Each calendar event has a comments section as well as a review section.
    11. webbie

      Operation Velvet Thunder

    12. webbie

      OP edited to include allowance for specific map localities and what resistance you would expect to encounter. Please note that the Zeus's will determine their own strategy and I will ask that at mission launch time it is recommended that BLUFOR side do their own recon on an AO before entering the area. As mentioned previously with the use of the dedicated space, this will allow zeus to have all assets and structures in place with the exception of reinforcements.
    13. webbie

      I'm still heavily inclined to leave it to the sunday. Unless theirs a huge sway in the poll, it will likely remain the sunday as planned.
    14. webbie

      At this stage no additional mods will be added. As long as the units are blufor it's fine , using any other side is not possible. Generally speaking all creations will be Vanilla due to server constraints.
    15. webbie

      I see well we will need to discuss that and come back to it. How would you suggest a selection procedure is done?
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