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  1. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    Personal would be the go. Shame it'll be too much of a pain in the quoit to have both choices available.
  2. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    That's true enough Kerry. But with Downloads from the browser etc available & it being a tiny file, I doubt anyone would have an issue getting it. I think some might not even notice getting it. Alternatively, when they see the strange floaty men they'd ask "What's causing that?" & find out how to get it. I am a bit biased I guess as I have wanted this on the server for ages.
  3. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    Might as well do this for all the choppers too. Allows us to fly the hellcat more :)
  4. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    No real need for this, Just make a auto respawn area for non pilots around the chopper spawns.. They'll get the idea soon enough. Another idea that will work great is move the chopper spawn away all together. Or the infantry spawn. There are lots of good places for the spawn.. A chopper can in fact fly to the infantry!! Oh God Yes!.. Just an AA at either end of the runways would help a lot. A multiplier of enemy jet spawns would be great, or switch it to enemy attack choppers when no CAS is on. Nooo..... Then I'd have to have them.. IN MY CHOPPER!!!! ? But I see you're point.. It's a bit broken being able to heave them in at 300km/h.. Fun though! Actually to this point, INCERASE the durability of the Huron Crates.. They have a habit of crumpling if a bird sneezes within 10k. Even if only on the repait & refuel ones. This is a bad Idea for reasons stated above. If one was added it would HAVE to have AA or else it would be useless in in a CAP capability, unless you made it that the enemy also only spawned choppers while it was up. This would be abused from day 1 & would only increase the trolling. Even in the hands of the regulars & whitelisted this would be a very bad call. I have seen this fail on a few different servers. This is one I have been asking after for a long time. The Ammo boxes should have all the basic NATO Ammo NO Rifles, a few basic launchers/ammo & a bunch of FAK's. Some nades & Smoke as well, (No Red). Enough that a pilot can pick one up & haul it to a defend & it would be enough to support a fighting force of 30. If more is needed, well, there are a few crates. Yeet's Idea of a limited arsenal is good, if for no other reason the players in the field can use the same interface they are used to from hours of Box Barbie-ing ?. But seriously, The interface is a lot faster than the regular inventory one. As for NVG's/Explosives, they could be in the chopper inventory in stead of 50 parachutes. That way the guys could grab them in flight or when a chopper touches down nearby. You cold even make the amount on board dependent on the size of the chopper. If the Attack chopper Idea is implemented(#6) then a few more AA launchers should be placed in the choppers or mobile arsenal as well, as a pilot in the chopper will be a lot less likely to hunt AA targets compared to when he/she/it is in a jet. To my knowledge you cant save a vehicle loadout without making it an arsenal.
  5. =S.N.A.F.U.=

  6. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    We used to have the enemy attack the FOB.. And the enemy used to well.. take the fob ?. Maybe as a timed structured side mission it would be different though. I'd like to see some of the Ironside vehicles spawnable at the fob, adding to it's value & making it more of an issue when it gets hit.
  7. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    Any Arty, And for that matter mortars in the server is just asking for trolls.. It's been tried time & time again but always comes down to a random jumping in & ruining it for everyone. On an average night as it is, with the base arty piece, we get a random that sprints across, TK's half the server with the 5 shots it has & then leaves. It's the sad truth of a public server.
  8. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    Hmm.. Maybe in the infinite backpacks most I&A players use they could carry, oh I don't know, an AA Launcher!
  9. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    The changes to the FOB needed are quite simple. Some servers I play on have some of these things in them & it seems to work quite well; No need to have tanks spawn here. It's a FOB in a small scale engagement. Instead, have the BOBCAT spawn here to be able to support forward moving heavy vehicles. Once the Medical crate/HEMTT has set up the spawn tickets, they count up on a timer till the hit a designated max points. Once the players spawn there the counter starts back up. No set AA should be here as it would mean that the enemy wont be able to fly most of the time. An intercepting jet is enough. The same can be said of forward arty. It's just not needed & usually OP as all hell. What is often forgotten is that this game is at it's finest when focussed on small scale infantry & light combined arms. On the other public server I play on the fob has the following vehicles: 1x Bobcat 1x Medical HEMTT (Doubles as a troop transport) 1x Vehicle ammo HEMTT 3x Quad bike 4x Hunter/Prowler/Quillin on random respawn, though favoring the Hunter. The main reason we dont have AI running around the FOB is a simple matter of server frames. It struggles enough with the AI out in the field. Now, all that being said, one major difference on that server is that they have FATIGUE on. This means that there are a lot of people who return to the FOB for rearm following a mission, (along with the added call for choppper suport airlifting in supplies). Players can't set up for 4 AO's of ammo in a Bergen & sprint for a month with no consequence. Often choppers will airlift/evac troops to the FOB, the squads would regroup after an AO & head out in vehicles. This can also be a great use of the Vehicle Blackfish, as it can fly several vehicles up to the FOB In preparation for the end of the AO.
  10. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    I agree with Red. Unfortunately, the jets are just not made to fit on a map this size. This is a scenario that happens on some other servers. Tanks, Friendly AA & a support leave base. 2-3 choppers head out with troops & drop them behind a hill, or at a respectable distance as to not be shredded by AA. The troops head in with the AA being a high priority. The choppers either have door gunners or are escorted by a gunship (rockets & cannon) in case there are some random AI in the chosen LZ. From here the attack methods become divergent, depending on the armours' travel time. Either the troops take out the AA to open up the skies for closer CAS support & logistics, Or the armour rolls in & takes out the AA & proceeds to take out the vehicles in the AO as well. YES, it takes a lot of coordination. YES, a lot of the pubbies on the server are "special". YES, it's difficult to set up. YES the 3 poor SOB's that only fly jets miss out. BUT! It's mad fun & a server can be trained to act as if this is normal. You just have to make it normal, just as we have with our current ruleset. NOW.. Not to put a dampener on this topic, I mainly started this post for a look into a change in chopper rotation. The Jet comment was a throw away because everyone knows I don't like them ? . One thing I'd love to add to the changing roster that I only really remembered this morning was to have the small ammo crates loaded with standard NATO ammo & FAC's rather than random crap that we don't use in the field. This would make it better to be able to do logistics runs for the guys. Maybe even in the future to get rid of bergans or, heaven forbid, add in stamina! Again creating a need for the symbiosis of pilots & ground ponders. Even on low pop times, they can be lifted by anyone in the little bird. Anyway, Merry Whatever you believe in. And I really thank you all for you're input here. It means a lot to the future of a good server to debate these things. We may not always agree (hey, you are allowed to be wrong, ? ) , but I love seeing you all being civil & stating your cases. Peace =S.N.A.F.U.= CEO 50-50 Chance Flights
  11. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    That's very true. But Tanoa does offer us the chance to minimise this by instilling a different attitude to the game. Plus it's easy to make a new group & invite people in. imagine a veteran or someone else who steps up as a squad lead communicating to his squad in game chat & then to the main group in ts! (Ahh the utopian dream). The reason the chats are shyte is because for years we have let it be so. It has become the servers norm. When you play on european & US servers it's a very different case. There is a lot of banter but they also know to communicate well & at least to a moderate degree, coordinate.
  12. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    Simple solution... Grow a pair & stop being a sniper.? But I do believe a CSAT commander uniform comes complete with a medic. Healing you as you go. You can't normally see them because they are stuffed in a precarious place.
  13. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    @Nova @webbie @Bradley Rasic @War Machine The point is critical mass & organisation. If people see no one on the Tanoa server, they will naturally jump into the Altis one. Then it looks like 'no one wants to play Tanoa'. Once a few people are there you reach a tipping point where it's 'holy shit! Everyone is on Tanoa'. That's why the regulars are focusing on Tanoa T-Days. Tuesday & Thursday. Getting enough on to hit that tipping point regularly.
  14. =S.N.A.F.U.=

    The secret to the tree problem is communication. Work as a team, move as a team, Shoot as a team. Then if anything moves that is NOT in your team, Rain hell on it! Encourage those around you to form together, have a medic & make him your best friend, talk to each other, scream if you are down. Natural leaders will emerge from the group & you will find over time people will flock to you. You have both in-game group chat & also a bunch of Teamspeak infantry channels. Furthermore, I know as someone who is often a pilot, if we know an area is being secured we will try to get you back into the fight near your buddies too, so ask us ? Of course, there will be random Rambo's. You can't stop that, but you can minimise it & have more fun in the process. This not only goes for the senior gang but the new guys as well. Try it! You will find it will only add to the experience. Oh! One more thing.. It should be obvious but sniper rifles are useless in most of Tanoa!
  15. Hi gang! Firstly, let me get this out of the way.. Get rid of the jets!. OK, that's out of my system. But more importantly, since the dynamics of the I&A server are changing, I thought it might be good to change a few things in the roster of choppers that spawn. Get rid of the VTOL's except for the Vehicle Blackfish. With the number of people spawning, they are just unnecessary. Have the Taru & Huron spawn separately & have more pods (Medical, Bench & Transport) Again due to the spawn rates, have 2x heavy lift to encourage multi-roll passenger transport/logistics. Have the Hellcat on spawn rotation with the Little Bird. This is more for my personal love of the Hellcat but would be good to shake it up a bit too. Have 2-3x Ghosties spawning, With gunner AI in non-player usable Seats. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly the ghosties make a great cover vehicle when you are dropping guys off. Also, it stops the Tardation of people jumping in & randomly shooting all over the place. Now I know the Knee-jerk reaction "That makes them too OP!". But I often fly with the AI Gunners & I know that your threat level rises greatly in the eyes of the enemy AI & they shoot ALOT at you in return. Plus, the AI also don't often last that long before getting beheaded, or your Ghostie gets rocketed from 4 different directions. Thanks for reading & I'll see you 5m off the ground!