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  1. Littleblacksheep

    Yeah, It has been about that long. Hows life, what's new with you?
  2. Littleblacksheep

    Hi Team Just thought Id drop by to say gidday, What's new with me? I'm now selling real firearms as a job, I've basically been giving what time I do have to War Thunder . I've got a house a dog and a Mrs now (OMG right). Nice to see the community still humming along. All my love and kind regards Littleblacksheep
  3. Littleblacksheep

    @ASAF Back before the re-spawn option of vehicles was added this is how we removed heli's from the battle field. Also the pilot and I were talking over team speak and arranged this. Clearly you need to brush up on thing's rather then trolling posts and quoting rules.
  4. Littleblacksheep

    Some of the video's I've made from I&A back in the day
  5. Littleblacksheep

    Gents I'm locking this. Your welcome to keep viewing the topic but as I said before in my message I will talk with you when I get home.
  6. Littleblacksheep

    Best of luck for your future endeavors old friend, we wish yourself and John Paul the best. <3
  7. Littleblacksheep

    @Lt.Lery Need your player ID mate
  8. Littleblacksheep

    Yes we have been looking at this house wipe for a while now, as we can under how hard it is to buy a house/garage
  9. Littleblacksheep

    Take care mate, Hope to see you again when your study's are finished.
  10. Littleblacksheep

    Hey guy's just a head's up to you all that there has been alot of Inventory Glitching going on as of late on the server. Now like you all know this is not allowed and has serious consequence. We are a community of fair play, and we like others to respect our rules on the server. Do not break the rules you will be caught and punishments will be handed out, and everyone knows its no fun having a ban on a server you like to play on. It's all about having fun but keeping to the rules, If you are unsure of the rules please read up on them in the link below or feel free to ask our great team if you are unsure of the meaning or understanding of a rule. Regards Sheep
  11. Littleblacksheep

    I like all of them!
  12. Littleblacksheep

    Hi there. Welcome to Strayagaming, I look forward to seeing you on our servers. Sheep
  13. Littleblacksheep

    Great Video mate!
  14. Littleblacksheep

    Was great fun hope to do it again sometime
  15. Littleblacksheep

    Thank's guy's, the SG team do work hard for the community and it makes us very happy to see this feed back, Big thanks guy's.