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    Bruh, i legit loaded in on arma 3 excited to play some straya gaming, and i have a look at the civilian and cop numbers and bruh there was 21 police on and 16 civilians on like bruh there needs to be a max amount of cops or somthing, i think possibly 15 cops is enough or less. this needs To be dealt with and actually needs to be changed
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    cop to civ ratio always gets shit when pop goes bad... introducing a ratio would prevent certain officers, senior sergeants+ and divisional officers who quite literally can't play civ (with the exception of runs and other boring things) without leave or approval. divsional officers alone take up 17% of the total APD officers not to mention all the Snr Sgts and above. personally if i saw that many cops on id get some guys on rebel and have some fun, you have the cop force to fight for yourself.
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    Yeah Na, Atm Civ is dead due to the lack of content plus school holidays is over so expect low number on during the week. Caping cop numbers will kill the server fully. also this suggestion is pretty retarded. zzzz
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    AOW ON TOP ****S. if this money is given to cops to spend on blasting charges thats 100% gei
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    StrayaGaming is pleased to announce the launch of our newest server... SQUAD. The server will go live this Saturday at 3pm AEST! Connection Info: Search “StrayaGaming" in the server browser. General Information: 80 Slot Licensed Server 30 Player Seeding Phase RAAS & AAS Only Server Rules Report in-game issues using our Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life Staff initially moderating the server: @Purgey @Lupus Reaper @Mr Chu @AceWinchester For more information on Squad check out the steam page.
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    no lmao cops with just get destroyed in fights at banks if there was a ratio like that and they already get destroyed just dont have as much cops on lmao