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  1. Enis

    This is heart breaking, wanted to do make a come back
  2. Enis

    dead rising 4
  3. Enis

    Love you Lachlan, thanks for everything. It was Nice knowing you.
  4. Enis

  5. Enis

    Granted | but you'll end up unsuccessful I wish for a triple cheese burger
  6. Enis

    Love you bang <3
  7. Enis

  8. Enis

    Catch ya later Greg, hope to see you around from time to time.
  9. Enis

    Welcome to the Community, if you got any questions hit me up. By the way i saw that you got white listed for medic cant wait to play together.
  10. Enis

    Take it easy Jack , good luck with your exams and come back at some stage.
  11. Enis

    Hey man i think ive seen you around before. I think we should chat more to get to know each other more.
  12. Enis

    Amazing textures dj, might need a few lessons from you bud.
  13. it will be a good idea and it'll be nice to see straya expand even more
  14. Enis

    Got some skills on cs with the awp might need to 1v1