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    Altis Life v7.2 Patch #4 Modified: Rare item drop probabilities when mining Temporarily disabled access to the KOS store "Access Denied" reason when opening a shop is now specific to the condition that failed Fixed: Infinite vehicle virtual item capacity These trees https://strayagaming.com.au/altis-life-bug-tracker/public-reports/these-trees-need-to-be-fixed-r135/ Report all bugs on our bug tracker. If you have a suggestion, please send it to the Altis Life staff team. Thanks for playing StrayaGaming Altis Life!
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    I'll be doing alot more of these, just need some time to work out what can fit into the mission style. The performance of the server is a higher priority which can be difficult to manage with a full server and busy AO. But I can appreciate that you enjoy the missions. I have many more in my book of Zeus.
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    As it can be observed, Tanoa server is not pretty much alive even though we had Tanoa Tuesdays specially now that it somehow no longer exist. I said that it is quite dead because there are few to none that are still playing in it. If there are some that still plays in it, would it be better if you make it more like a black ops operation and not an all-out-war kind of thing? That is of course to balance the difficulty of low population vs. the amount and difficulty of AI's The enemies would be: Either Syndikat or FIA (we are fighting terrorists here) Don't have main battle tanks, IFV's, AAA, MRAP's, CAS (since they are not soldiers) They can only have technicals and APC (preferably Gorgon with a guerilla skin) Camps should be made smaller since they are insurgents. If the environment of the AO is an urban area, maybe put more people inside structures. So here are my ideas for what kind of missions: Hostage Rescue - similar to the arrest the HVT missions but the goal is to rescue. Assassination - an area or a camp occupied by at least 10 squads(max of 20 squads) where you only have to kill/arrest the HVT to accomplish the mission. So the goal if other hostile infantry is just to patrol the surrounding area and you have to either fight your way in or you go sneaky. Destroying Weapon Caches - similar to destroying radio towers. Retrieving Intel - similar to acquiring data link. Player slot changes: Open slots could be reduced to 4 squads. No more tanks and IFV's (because it would be too easy). APC's could also be removed if the game seems easy. Heli pilot slots could be reduced but not entirely necessary.
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    the chances of getting gems currently are way too low after patch number 4. An example of this is right now I have been at the iron mine of 30 minutes and only hit gems 3 times. They are simply so rare it takes so long to do a gem run they are not worth doing.
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    You've come a long way Jeb ? Keep it up bud
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    Currently it uses the default arma group icons which has presets of none, 100m and unlimited. I'll write up our own version when I redo gangs, just need to finish off the couple of things I'm working on right now.
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    For once the minigun being used in an effective manner.
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    if 1 or more veterans join ironside, itd be cool if a t140 K variant spawned; that could only be activated by veterans if possible. It would have a respawn timer of at least 30 minutes.
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    @Skyfise I believe it's my favourite hentai of all time, Boku No Pico brother!
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    Hang on... you were a superintendent? And my god, that voice ?
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    As a great player once said. ollie the sheep Today at 3:05 PM today was worse than when club penguin got shut down
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    I can also relate to this, but from a cop POV. One time a Farmers Union member was driving around in a go-kart. My partner checked the wanted list (a regular thing to do after collecting the owners name from the speed radar) and noticed his $100 million bounty. We soon found out this was out in place to catch metagamers. Myself and my partner got in trouble for this so-called metagaming. The FU member's excuse was "the go-kart has no number plate" ...smh. The whole thing was frustrating..